Drum Set Black 5-Pieces with Cymbals Stands Stool Sticks

Product Name:New Drum Set Black 5-Piece Complete Full Size with Cymbals Stands Stool Sticks
Brand:Gammon Percussion
Shipping:FREE Shipping
Number of pieces:5 Piece
Weight:84.8 pounds
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Product Reviews: New Drum Set Black 5-Piece Complete Full Size with Cymbals Stands Stool Sticks

The world of rock and roll legacy is open to anyone who just looks in the right places and puts in the time to work the craft. Students of rock drumming need to have a set that works for them and one that offers the range of sounds that are available in a rock drummer’s arsenal. Nobody would take a drummer serious who showed up with a 3-piece set unless they were already known the be a drumming wizard. Instead of stacking the deck against oneself with a drum set that begs the question, “Who is this guy?” — grab a kit that is respectable and complete.

This set of tools are all available with the new drum set black 5-piece complete full size with cymbals stands stool sticks — Talk about preparedness! Setting up a kit with all of the important elements on stage or in a band practice shows that a drummer is ready to be taken seriously and to put on a show.

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This kit is the one that gets new drummers on the stage and in the spotlight faster than any other there, on a dollar-to-dollar basis. Five piece drum sets for the price of this kit are so incredibly rare that it’s almost a “friend’s price.” Nobody will say that a kit in this price range has the same sound and play to it as a new Pearl or Orange kit, but it isn’t supposed to, and nobody expects it to.

What’s In the Box?:

That all being said, you get a bass drum, a floor tom, a snare, two high toms on a bass drum mount, along with a high-hat, throne, and a crash symbol. There’s no need to run around the whole world getting all the basics needed to start playing, just unpack this kit and get going.

The objection that it might not be a full-size kit can be put to rest — the entire kit is adult-sized in professional dimensions. Surely, on each person’s path to rock n’ roll stardom, there are countless upgrades that come into the mix for equipment. When it comes time to sell this kit and upgrade to something potentially more specific to a certain style, the investment will pay off. There’s even a possibility that the original owner could turn around and make a profit.

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Regardless, money and such all aside, how does the kit sound?


Amazing sound for the dollar. The crash symbol is loud, clean and rings out and the toms and true and warm. The snare has a rich crunch to it and sounds nice, almost in the range of a Piccolo. The hats and floor toms are pretty standard but don’t insult the overall ambiance. The bass drum packs a nice punch and could even stand to be muted a tad.

Playing along with top 40 rock and roll music or just jamming out freestyle are each possible with this kit, and that’s right out of the box.

Play and Feel:

 For a beginners kit, it’s almost absurd. The player is spoiled when learning on a kit with such easy setup and tear down such clean sound and with the ability to interchange more upscale skins after the first round as well — the place to start for a beginner is in this kit.


Gloss black drums are timeless and at this price, a heck of a lot cheaper than a Corvette. If getting noticed by the fairer sex is a part of your rock and roll fantasy, starting out with an eye-catching kit is not a terrible idea. An idea might be to do something custom to the face of the bass drum (perhaps a graffiti rendition of one’s band’s name), and then the look department will be truly covered.

Final Thoughts:

For professionals already making money touring around playing drums for a living, there isn’t a terrible need to save money — perhaps an investment in a more expensive and upscale kit could be in order. For those who seek an entry-level kit on which they could test themselves and their commitment to the idea of learning an instrument, this is the ideal option. A great new drum set black 5-Piece complete full size with cymbals stands stool sticks — catching eyes at any rock show and inspiring new musicians everywhere to make a name for themselves with some flying stick percussive love!

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