Cheap Drum sets under 100 Dollars

Times are hard, and even aspiring drummers will find a drum set a pricey investment. A good beginner’s drum kit can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000. Like in any other purchase, the more expensive the drum set is, the more durable and high quality it is. Take a look below information about cheap drum sets under 100.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find cheap drum sets under 100 dollars. There are still some drum sets that you can buy at a measly price although most of them are junior drum sets or those designed for children.

Top Three Drum sets under 100 Dollars Comparison 

Mendini by Cecilio 13 Inch 3-Piece Kids Alesis CompactKit 4 Junior Drum Set with Adjustable Throne
Mendini drum set Alesis compactkit Junior drum set
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Junior drum sets can come in a three piece or five piece arrangement, but the former is the more likely option you have given a limited budget. The five piece set includes a bass drum, a couple of toms, a floor tom, and a snare drum. On the other hand, the three piece set typically includes a kick drum, a snare drum, and Tom.

Pros of Cheap Drum Sets

Buying a junior drum set that costs less than a hundred bucks may seem like a waste of money with the thinking that you’re only getting a toy drum. But junior drum sets aren’t exactly toys. These are scaled down models of drum sets played by professionals, and designed with the small percussionist in mind.

Playing the drums can also have an impact on a child’s personality. Learning music has been shown in numerous studies to improve a child’s memory. Drumming, on the other hand, can develop hand and eye coordination of a kid. It can also improve the creativity and self-esteem of a youngster. Children who can figure out how to play an instrument are also more likely to have a lot of self-confidence and a more well-rounded personality.

Cons of Cheap Drum Sets

As they say, you get what you pay for. Buying a cheap drum set, one that costs less than $100, means you will have to live with a lot of limitations.

You should understand that there are a lot of things that you will be compromising with a cheap drum set, such as:

Things to Look for in a Cheap Drum Set

A drum set priced under $100 is an ideal gift or present to kids who dream of becoming the next Dave Grohl someday. In buying a drum set, you should find one that has a bass drum or a snare drum, and a couple of toms. Cymbals, cymbal stands, and a throne should also be included in the drum set so that it would be fully functional.

The drums will be usable, meaning they’ll produce good sound. But you can expect the cymbals to be a little flimsy.

When buying a drum set for kids, these are some of the factors that you will have to consider:


If your child is old enough to take drum lessons, or you feel that they are blessed with a sense of rhythm, you might want to skip on a cheap drum set and buy a beginner drum set. But it could cost you more than $200 to $500, depending on the brand.


A three piece drum set typically takes up around 36 x 24 inches of floor space. On the other hand, a five-piece drum set can take up to 40 x 26 inches of floor space. Measure the space you have at home, particularly in your child’s room, where you intend to keep the drum kit.


Top 10 Cheap Drum Sets Under $100

Amazon is a good place to shop for junior drum kits. There are tons of excellent choices for your little one. Here’s a listing of the top ten junior drum sets on the popular online superstore:

  1. Mendini by Cecilio Metallic Blue 13 Inch 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

This is a junior drum set that includes the following: 8 x 13-inch bass drum with bass drum pedal, two mounted toms (6×8 inch, and 4×10 inch) plus an 8-inch cymbal with cymbal arm. Also included in the package are a pair of wooden drum sticks and an adjustable drum throne.

cheap drum set under 100

The design of this junior drum kit obviously is intended for the young drummer. The small hardwood shells make it easier for the aspiring musician to play this instrument.

While there are lots of parts in this drum set, the package does have an instruction manual that can help parents in putting it together.

This junior drum kit is best for children aged ten years and under.

  1. Gammon Percussion Blue Drum Set

This is another sub drum set that is suited for children, especially those who are in the 3 to 5 years old range. It consists of real wood shells, with a 12-inch bass drum, two tom drums, a bass drum pedal, mounted cymbal, a drum key, and drum sticks. The drums come in a high gloss finish.

Blue drum set junior

You can give your aspiring drummer a good start with this drum set from Gammon Percussion, a trusted brand when it comes to percussion instruments. It is ready to play once it is removed from the box. Assembly is easy too, as there is a manual that parents can refer to in putting this kit together.

This drum set can grow with the player, so to speak, because it is height adjustable. The sound quality isn’t bad, with the base drum sounding more of a moderate Tom due to its smaller size. The overall size of the other pieces will keep the sound volume to a tolerable level, something your neighbors will likely appreciate.


  1. Pulse 3-Piece Deluxe Junior Drum Set Black

Technically speaking, this is not a sub $100 drum set as its price on But it’s still a fairly cheap drum kit by any standards, and should be good enough for kids aged under ten years old to make some tolerable noise and develop their budding skills.

It’s not a toy by any standard as it is made of real wood and rugged metal. It’s also pretty easy to assemble despite the package not having any instructional manual. The sound is full and rich which is quite surprising for a starter kit, and any parent will love that the hardware looks durable enough to last for a long while.

cheap drum sets under 100

One way to make the sound much better is put a small pillow in the kick drum while assembling this kit. The cymbals aren’t of good quality and can sound like that of a toy set. But if you can replace it in the future, then your little drummer would have a better sounding instrument in his hands.

This is an instrument that young musicians can grow with.

  1. Best Choice Products Drum Set 3 Pc Kids 12″ Blue Beginners Complete Set with Throne and Cymbal

Best Choice Products is a company known for its low-cost home, music, garden, and children products. It’s not as reputable as Gammon Percussion when it comes to musical instruments, but this three-piece beginner drum set is a good bargain for parents with kids who are budding musicians.

cheap drum set 3 pc kids

This three piece drum set includes a bass drum and two toms. There’s also a pair of drumsticks, a cymbal, and a drum pedal to boot. The hardware is plated in premium quality chrome, and in an attractive blue finish.

Assembly should take less than an hour, although this product doesn’t have any instruction manual that parents can refer to.

  1. Soundtrack Pro Audio DBJ30-62-BK 3 Piece Kid Junior Children Drum Set Kit

This is a great drum set for young drummers, made from real wood with chrome rim. There’s a bass drum, a snare drum, and a tom drum to get drummers warm up to playing, plus a cymbal and throne.

cheap drum set pro audio

    1. Children’s Red 3 Piece 12 Inch Kids Junior Drum Set with Chair, Sticks, Stool, Adjustable Tuning Key & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Pick 


    This is a drum set ideal for children aged 3 to 5 years old. There’s a 12-inch bass drum, an eight-inch snare drum, and an eight-inch Tom, plus an eight-inch brass ride cymbal. Your little drummer will also get a pair of drumsticks, a kick pedal for the bass drum, and an adjustable drum stool which should come in handy as he/she grows.

kids drum set

There are no assembly instructions, but like most of the models in this list, it is pretty easy to figure out how to put this drum kit together. Just make sure to tighten the wingnuts on the snare drum and toms as these can easily loosen.


7. Union DBJ3067(MR) 3-Piece Toy Drum Set with Cymbal and Throne – Metallic Red

This three-piece drum set includes an 8×13 inch bass drum, a 5×8.5 inch tom, and a 5×10 inch snare drum. The mini throne is adjustable, while there are a bass drum pedal and a pair of drumsticks included in the package. It’s a complete package that would enable a child to start playing the drums.

Union cheap drum set

  1. 3pcs Junior Kids Child Drum Set Kit Sticks Throne Cymbal Bass Snare Boy Girl Red

This three piece drum set includes a 12×10 inch bass drum, an 8.5×5.5 inch snare drum, and an 8.5×5.5 inch tom drum. The drums are made of real wood (maple) with PVC for enhanced durability. It also includes a pair of drumsticks and an adjustable, padded drum throne.

3-pcs junior kids drum set

  1. CHIMAERA Kids’ 8-inch Drum Set with Drumsticks and Chair

Like the item before it, this drum set is made of real wood drum shell for durability. The drum is made from maple and PVC, while the pair of drum sticks included are made of maple.

kids drum set under 100

There’s a bass drum measuring 12×10 inches, a snare drum and tom drum of similar size (8.5×5.5 inches). The drum throne is padded and can be adjusted to grow up with the drummer.

  1. MegaBrand 3-Piece 8-Inch Kids Drum Set Kit w/ Cymbal Drum Throne Black

There are three pieces in this drum set, a 12×10 inch bass drum, and a tom drum and snare drum that are both 8.5×5.5 inches in size. The drum is also made of maple and PVC, while the pair of sticks is made of maple.

Megabrand 3 piece drum set

As you can see, there’s no shortage of cheap drum sets that you can purchase for less than a hundred bucks. Amazon is a good source of cheap drum sets under 100 with reasonably priced junior drum kits that you can buy for your budding drummer.

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