Electronic Drum Set Reviews: Top 4 Electric Drums

Electronic drums are a good substitute for acoustic kits for many reasons. E-drums are more portable and have the lesser necessary hardware. Secondly, these electronic kits also produce lesser noise compared to drums with resonating drum heads. These also provide more percussion voices plus it comes with a headphone jack so that you can practice without making any noise.

You can also play along saved tracks on the drum’s module and practice your licks with its built-in metronome. Although the acoustic sets are more appealing to most drummers, e-drums are becoming more responsive and sensitive to the demands of drummers that the experience of pounding on pads and real acoustic heads are not that far apart. The random electronic drum set reviews you can read online are proof of the increasing popularity of electric drum kits.

The best e-drum kits: electronic drum set reviews

There are many e-drums sold online today and while they may look alike their functions and features, even build quality differ a lot. A good reminder to bear in mind is that you always get what you pay for. If your budget is limited expect to buy drums that are not as responsive as you would like them to be. Also, expect that their voice processing is not that impressive leaving you with percussion sounds that may be below your standards. It is also important to buy into known brands which tend to have better quality. These are more durable and the drum sounds they produce are more realistic.

Also, expect that their voice processing is not that impressive leaving you with percussion sounds that may be below your standards. It is also important to buy into known brands which tend to have better quality. These are more durable and the drum sounds they produce are more realistic.


  1. Ddrum DD1 Electronic Drum Kit – Ddrum is a respected brand in the world of drumming. Their electronic drum line is one of the best made in the market. It has three cymbal pads for hi-hats, crash, and ride cymbals. It has 4 single-zone drum pads ideal for tom assignments, kick drum pad with stand and a hi-hat pedal controller. The separate kick drum pad allows you to have a better feel of your kick drums compared to beater-less configurations adopted by some e-drum makers. The DD1M module has an impressive collection of 20 preset kits, 10 user kits, with 50 preset songs. This makes it very ideal for practicing. It also has an auxiliary input for MP3 playback so that you can play along songs from external sources. a good price considering its brand and features.Ddrum DDBETADD Electric Kit Ddrum DD1 Electronic Drum Kit

  1. Alesis DM6 5 piece electronic drum set –Alesis is one of the pioneers in the world of e-drums. Their DM6 model capitalizes on the high-quality sound of the DM6 drum module. It has 5 very responsive drum pads that trigger 108 drum, cymbal, and a host of other percussion sounds. The kit has a USB MIDI channel that allows you to use it to manipulate virtual sounds or to record drum tracks thru a DAW system. The kit has an auxiliary input making it easier for you to play along with external track sources. With 15 programmable drum sets, you can be sure to be inspired to play drums every day. which makes it a great deal knowing you are buying an Alesis kit.Alesis DM6 USB Kit 5-piece electronic drum set

  1. Roland TD-11KV-S V-Compaceries Electronic Drum Kit – Roland is one of the biggest names in electronic drums development and production. Thanks to its superb technology, Roland is able to bring cutting-edge features unheard of in any other brands. The TD-11KV-S model has the SuperNATURAL sound engine that allows you to hear realistic drums. The sound library of TD11 includes a variety of genres making it very ideal both for gigs and practices. It also has professionally recorded songs onboard. It has an easy to use record and playback feature while an integrated COACH function makes it easy to learn the drums on your own. It does not matter if you are just starting out or you are an experienced drummer, this kit will make you better over time. Its module has a large LCD screen and thanks to its icon-centric interface even kids can use this with ease. Roland TD- 11KV-S V-Compact Series

  1. Roland TD-30KV-S V-Pro Series Electric Drum Kit – this Roland e-drum is made for the professional drummer. It also has an ambiance fader that can simulate the sound produced by an overhead microphone in a room environment. It also has behavior modeling so that you can freely express your drumming flavor and feel. This is so sensitive that even ghost notes are rendered accurately. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this kit is its V-edit mode where you can easily customize the built-in percussion sounds. but you are assured of a unique e-drum experience that successfully cross the divide between electronic and acoustic drums.cheap drums set

The importance of electronic drum reviews

The need to read online e-drum reviews is important especially if you are planning to buy one soon. Here are the reasons why.

  • A more realistic look at the features – all features are impressive but a review highlights the importance of these to your playing. A touch-sensitive pad is good but how will it affect your playing? An editable drum sound is nice but how will this affect your practices? These are details you would want to know about a kit and reviews have plenty of this kind of information.
  • A more detailed description of what a kit can do (and can’t do) – reviews make it clear if the pads are made of what materials if they are touch sensitive, assignable, dual or triple zone. You need to know these details because this can affect both the experience and the pricing of the kit. A review educates you more about the electric set making your decision to buy more sound.

The final verdict

Electronic drum set reviews are plenty online. While it is easy to forego reading these, reviews can help you a lot in your electronic drum purchase decision. There are many electronic kits out there. But finding the best one for you is the hard part, thus reading reviews become an integral part of your selection process. From the recommended e-drums in this article, which one is the best? That would depend on your needs and personal preferences.

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