The Top 5 Cheap Electronic Drum Set You Can Buy Today

A cheap electronic drum set is ideal for the novice drummer. Since you are just pounding on drum pads there is minimal noise especially when you choose to plug in your headphones for your practice sessions. Now you have all the time to practice and get better. It can also be suitable for the seasoned drummer as a means to run through songs anywhere, anytime. It is easier to set up and there is no huge investment in sound-proofing your practice room. Not all electronic drum sets are made the same so when you are looking for cheap electronic drums you need to choose wisely. You need to have the right features and the basic drum functions to maximize it for learning drumming and percussions.

The best affordable electronic drum set

What makes a cheap e-drum worth your money? First of all, it must have quality and durability. Ask around before you buy or read online reviews of the electric drums you are thinking of buying. Second, it must have full drums functionality. This simply means that it must have the right number of pads to cater to all the percussive elements of an acoustic drum kit (pads for hats, toms, bass drum, etc.). It must also include pedals so that you can manipulate for the bass drum and foot hats. Last but not the least it must have a wide option of drum sounds so that it is versatile enough to cater to different genres of music.


This is a list of the leading cheap electronic drum set options you can find online.

  1. Spectrum AIL 602 7-Pad Digital Drum Set – This e-drum is configured in such a way that it can be played while sitting down or standing up. It comes with its own adjustable stand and pedals making it very easy to set up. indeed good news for many drummers. This kit has a total of 7 fully assignable pads which means you have a fully functional drum kit in a very small package. It has an impressive collection of 215 voices with a total of 20 preset kits and 1 demo song. That should be more than enough to inspire you to practice every day.

cheap electronic drum set

  1. Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic table digital drum kit – this e-drum is a lot like the first entry on this list. It has 7 assignable pads with 2 of those pads manipulated by pedals. The good thing about this kit is that its pads have touch sensitivity which means the force of your sticking has an effect on the sound produced. This e-drum has 5 preset kits with 215 percussion voices and a total of 100 songs in its database – an ideal practice tool for drummers.

Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic table digital drum kit

  1. Pyle PED041 Electronic Drum Set – Unlike the Spectrum and Pyle-Pro PTED01, this kit is not in a table-top e-drum configuration. Instead, its 5 piece touch sensitive pads are mounted on a fully customizable, height adjustable layout. You can easily record your drum sessions and play it back with ease. If you are learning a song this kit can help you a lot as it also comes with a built-in metronome. The natural response drum heads with 128 level force velocities allow you to hone your skills in accented and non-accented notes. With its impressive pre-loaded drum sounds.

Pyle PED041 Electronic Drum Set

  1. Alesis DM6 USB Kit 5-piece electronic drum set – This Alesis e-drum kit is one of the best soundings in its class. The secret to its impressive tone is the DM6 module that has 108 top-notch percussion sounds. You can easily assign these to the 8 pads of the kit. Thanks to its touch sensitive features, playing drums with this electronic kit is as real as it can get to an acoustic set. The Alesis DM6 has 15 programmable drum sets and has an auxiliary audio input so that you can play along with backing tracks. well spent considering the included Alesis module.

Alesis DM6 USB Kit 5-piece electronic drum set

    1. Yamaha DTX Series DTX400K – this drum kit is one of the best in this list simply because it is made by Yamaha, a leading maker of musical instruments. It has 10 pre-set drum kits with 297 high-quality assignable percussion sounds. The impressive DTX400 module seals the deal for this e-drum. this is a must-have for serious drummers who want to get most out of their electronic percussion This kit is bundled with a Vic Firth drumstick, a drum throne, and JVC full-sized headphones.Yamaha DTX Series DTX400K

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Buying cheap electronic drum set without compromising features

How can you buy cheap without compromising what you need in a drum? Here are some pointers.

  • Know what you need from a kit – the number one reason why drummers overspend is because they are tempted to buy into more features they do not really need. Before you go drum shopping, know what you need from a kit and stick to that to control costs.
  • Look for bundled deals – when you buy a drum kit there is a huge chance you also need to buy additional hardware, sticks, and even necessary accessories. Bundled deals can save you a lot of money.
  • Let go of MIDI features – if you just want a kit for practicing at home then you really have no use for recording functions or for an instrument control surface which an electronic kit can also be used for. MIDI additions can cost more so if you have no plans using one, choose a kit without it.
  • Go for the most basic kit – every brand has an entry level model for their drum kits. Start with the one with the least features. The most important thing to mind is the functionality of it’s set up. It must have pedal triggers to simulate a real drum kit. It must have enough pads to cover snare and toms assignments.

The final verdict

A cheap electronic drum set does not mean substandard sound. It just means trading important features for your use for features you do not need yet. This can be an important consideration especially if you are just starting with the drums. The most important thing is that you know and understand your needs and buy an e-drum solely dependent on these basic requirements.

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