Best Drum Sets: Ultimate Guides How to choose drum kits

Best Drum Sets 101: Choosing the Perfect Kit

Finally! It’s time to get your new set of drums. Exciting, isn't it? But wait.

What kind of drums are you looking buy?

Do you even know the best drums set for you?

Drum sets are not something you just wake up one morning and order off the internet. At least not without learning about the best drum sets in the market first.

If you're a newbie drummer searching for drums you can call your own, you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

Best Drum Sets

Come with us as we take through the best drum sets.

But first, a little drums buying guide...

  1. Shell Packs vs Complete Drum Sets
  2. Number of Pieces
  3. Double vs Single Bass Drum
  4. Shell Sizes

Shell Packs vs Complete Drum Sets

Inexperienced buyers often fall prey to online drum retailers not include that their drums are shell packs only.

Now you must be wondering what shell packs are and how are different from complete drum sets. It's simple.

Shell Packs vs Complete Drum Sets

Shell packs are packs of drums only— no cymbal, no hardware like a pedal, drum stand and the likes

Like you must have already guessed, complete drum sets are the opposite of shell pack.

They come complete with all that's necessary to get a drummer into the groove.

Now, it's your choice to choose whichever type you want. Just keep in mind that if you buy a shell pack,

you'll need to buy the hardware separately. This means extra cost.

Number of Pieces

A drum kit can come with between 4 and 30 pieces of drums (or even more!) However, most people use the 5 pieces drums configuration.

Number of Pieces

If you're a beginner, you have no business buying a battalion of drums. Those are for the legendary know, the Neil Peart kind of guys. For you, a 4- or 5-piece drum will do just fine.

Double vs Single Bass Drum

When choosing a set of drums, you also have the option of choosing between a double bass drum and a single bass drum.

Like you must have already figured out, a double bass drum set comes with two bass drums while a single one has just one.

Double or Single Bass Drum

Each has its unique advantage, but let's not kid ourselves. If you're a beginner, using double-base will be tough.

For your sanity, choose a single bass drum.

Shell Sizes

As expected, drum shells come in various sizes and thickness. A beginner will do better with smaller sizes of drum shells because they tend to produce louder sounds easily.

smaller & large Shells sizes of drum

On the contrary, it'll take plenty of force to get a large drum to sound full and rich.

You also get a higher degree of sustain with thinner shells because they're very sensitive to touch.

Recommended Drum Sets

Behold, a beautiful drum set kit perfect for the beginning drummer! This drum kit is not a toy and not one of those drums that look shiny but doesn't deliver any quality sound. 

One the contrary, these beauties ring true, offer a wide tuning range and comes with very sensitive playing dynamics that fit most styles of music.


  • full-size 5 drum set including drum body, stand, drum throne, and cymbal
  • Drum skin is high quality
  • 8 drum lug structure
  • Great sound quality

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Looking for a great drum set designed especially for kid drummers? Check out this 5-piece Mendini by Cecilio complete drum set.

Buying drums for a youngster isn't easy, but you can't go wrong with these. Great sound, perfect size, easy to assemble—this set is just perfect!


  • 5-piece kid's drums
  • High-quality sound
  • Easy to piece together

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If you prefer, she'll pack drums, Here a set that'll wow you. This pack immediately strikes you as stunning when you first spot it. 

But there's more to them than their beauty. Their sound quality is commendable and they're quite affordable.


  • Shell drums only
  • Durable design
  • Comes with virgin bass drums with Telescopic Bass Drum Spurs

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Beginner Drum Sets : You Can Choose From

Have you always wanted to play drums but never had the money to acquire a drum set,

And hone your skills when you were younger?


Do you have kids asking you to buy them one?

You’ll be surprised to know that there are lots of beginner drum set models that you can buy online and in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Drums for kids reviews here.

A drum set is a collection of percussive instruments such as drums and cymbals arranged into a kit, which explains why it is also called a drum kit.

A beginner drum sets typically consist of the bass drum, snare drum, two rack toms, and a floor tom.

This is the most commonly used set of teaching drums in music schools. It will also not confuse the player with too many bells and whistles, so to speak.

Beginner Drum Sets Comparison

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Beginner Drum Sets : Our Recommended 

Here is a listing of the drum sets you can get for a beginner, in no particular order:

  • Ludwig Accent Drive 5-Pc Drum Set, Red Foil

Ludwig Accent Drive drum set shows how real Ludwig drum sets are. It consists of a 22×16 inch bass drum, a 6.5×14 inch snare drum, a couple of toms, and a 16×16 inch floor tom.

It also includes cymbals, 13-inch hi-hats, and a 16-inch crash and drum throne.

it’s a reasonably good deal. Both the pedal throne and hi-hat stand are good enough for beginner drummers, but more accomplished musicians may find them insufficient and in need of sturdier hardware.

It’s also relatively easy to tune. Place a pillow in the kick drum, duct tape in the toms, and properly tensioned heads should make it achieve your desired sound.

The wrapped finishes give it a classy look.

While there’s no instructional manual on how to assemble the drum set, you can go to Ludwig’s corporate website and view videos on how to do so.

  • Percussion Plus PP4100BK 5-Piece Drum Set

Percussion Plus is not a brand with a checkered history, like say, Ludwig, but it is still a trusted name for percussion instruments.

This drum set is high pricing, which is an example of how good the company is at making quality instruments. For one, the shells of the drums are excellent, and the drum themselves sound pretty good.

Tuning is also pretty easy. The hi-hat and bass pedals are functional and good enough for a beginner.

The cymbals aren't the best in quality, and they're not inspiring to hit. But that's also the case with most student-line drum kits.

Overall, this five-piece drum set has hardware that won't easily fall apart, and drums should be sufficient to train a beginner's skills to the intermediate-level musician.

  • Pacific Drums PDJR18KTCB PDP Junior 5-Piece Drum Set

Another is great for beginner drummers, especially kids as young as five years old. It includes a couple of rack toms, a floor tom, a kick drum, and a snare. The kit also comes with a set of hi-hats, crash cymbal, and a child-sized throne.

As you would expect from a junior set, this one is easy to tune. The toms and snare are cheap, but these should work well for a kid. 

But the drum set's size is adequate for a budding drummer, so your kid should have no trouble playing this one.

The cymbals aren't good, either. The metal is thin that it will deform after a couple of months of use, but you can easily replace them by finding one online.

It has its weaknesses, but you can't deny that for a drum set for beginners, this one is a great pick, especially when you consider it.

  • Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum

Yamaha is one of the most popular brands of musical instruments. This five-piece drum set kit is a perfect example of why the company has become so trusted and reputable all these years.

This drum kit features a kick drum, a couple of rack toms, a floor tom, and a snare drum. There’s also a three-hole receiver bass drum mount.

Once assembled, the drum kit looks cool with its bright cranberry red color. You’ll even notice the high-end hardware of this drum kit. More Reviews here.

Regarding performance, this drum kit won’t disappoint. Even professional musicians will agree that it delivers. The bass drum, for instance, sounds very punchy.

All the toms are easy to use, except for the 12-inch ton. The shells also reverberate very well when the resonant heads and battery are tuned the same. The drums have tons of low ends. Watch the video here.

The price may be quite steep, but as they say, you get what you pay. The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with a 20-inch kick drum is a great steal. Go to the Yamaha website to see more details.

  • Gretsch RG-E625 Renegade 5-Piece Drum

This is a complete package that is designed particularly for the entry-level drummer. This is also enticing for a budget-conscious buyer. Installation is also quick and easy.

Its toms have quick sizes, a feature that benefits younger drummers because the toms can be positioned lower. The toms also provide for punchy tones.

The hardware includes Renegade pedal boards and is double-braced. There’s also a comfy drum throne to boot.

Also included in this package are 13-inch hi-hats and 18-inch crash/ride brass cymbals.

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  • Mendini by Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece

This is a high price drum set. If you’re lucky to avail of discounts. It looks like a high-quality drum set with a great metallic blue shell, giving it a very classy look.

There’s no instruction manual on how to set up the drum kit, so you will have to rely on YouTube videos and tutorials on how to assemble this set.

Regarding sound, the toms can deliver excellent tunes. Like in any other drum set, tuning is vital to achieving the kind of sound you want. The range of tuning ability is also impressive. The toms are also very sturdy, too.

There is also a memory lock feature on the bass drum mounted toms, enabling you to disassemble the set and put it together in the same position quite easily.

If there’s a weakling in this set, then it has to be the cymbals as these sound like hitting the bottom of a pan. Full review here.

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  • GP Percussion GP55WR 5-Piece Junior Drum

If you’re looking for a junior drum set for your child, then consider this one from GP Percussion.

You won’t hesitate to get this one because of its affordable price.  Aside from the drum throne and drumsticks, it has a snare drum, a couple of cymbals, three tom drums, and a kick pedal bass drum.

The drum kit can be assembled in less than 30 minutes, especially if you’re an experienced drummer. 

Once assembled, the drum set looks good for a sub item. You can see it’s designed for kids because one, the stool has three adjustment settings. This means that the player will still be able to use it even as he gets older or taller.

It does have its weaknesses, though. The kick pedal is quite cheap that it may not last more than a year.

The cymbals are very basic. The snare drum isn’t exactly good quality, too, especially for a picky drummer.

Still, because of its affordability, this GP Percussion drum set makes for an excellent gift to any kid wanting to become a Dave Grohl someday.

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  • Drum Set Full Size Adult 5-piece

The price may fool you into thinking that this is a “junior” set. It is, in fact, a full-size set with all five drums ( bass drum, floor tom, snare drum, and two mounted toms ) plus cymbals, stands, stool, sticks, drum key, and pedals.

Surprisingly, the drums and included strands are pretty well-constructed given the price of this drum kit.

Bracing is cheap but of good quality. The supplied sticks, however, are of poor quality plastic that you may have to replace them right away.

The toms are of quality craftsmanship and can make a decent tone. The bass drum is also well-built with decent craftsmanship. When correctly tuned, this drum can be a monster.

But the snare drum is quite a disappointment, poorly constructed that tuning it is quite a challenge.

The drummer’s stand is OK for a kid, but may not be sturdy enough for an adult player. The cymbals aren’t quality either, sounding like you’re banging on trash can lids. 

Overall, this drum set from Garmon Percussion isn’t the best of the lot but still a good one for beginners considering its very low price. Full review here.

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  • ddrum JF-DD-BETA-KIT-1 DD 5-Piece

This electronic drum set is also from Ddrum, a respected maker of drum kits. There are plenty of reasons why you will love this drum set.

One is that it doesn’t take a lot of space at home, with its dimensions measuring just 35 inches by 20 inches when fully set up.

Once set up, it is ready for playing. It has 20preset kits that are already programmed, so you or your kid can start playing.

You can also add ten more programmed kits in this set. You can start by playing along with any of the 50 preset songs.

If any of the songs don’t catch your fancy, plug in an auxiliary cable and drum along to the songs saved on your mp3 player.

You’ll love that it has more than 200 quality percussion sounds to make your performance enthralling.

It has its downsides, though, like the lack of an instructional manual on assembly which would force you to watch videos on YouTube.

The cymbals and stock heads aren’t the best, too, but decent enough for a beginner drummer. Check the full review here.

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  • ddrum D120B BR D Series 5 Piece Drum Set

This set consists of a 20”x22” bass drum, a 7”x13” snare drum, a 22”x18” kick drum, and a couple of floor toms.

Its basswood shells provide superior projection and a bright tone, much like maple. For such a good quality five-piece drum kit.

Upon delivery of this set, you’ll notice how it is nicely packaged. It’s also very easy to set up.

Tuning it to the sound you want should also be a breeze, and the hardware is very well-built.

Upon delivery of this set, you’ll notice how it is nicely packaged. It’s also very easy to set up. Tuning it to the sound you want should also be a breeze, and the hardware is very well-built.

The responsive and highly sensitive drums should provide an excellent accompaniment to any music in small venues and even jazz clubs.

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Things to considering Before Buy

Before buying a drum set, there are several things that you need to consider, such as:

  • Where do you intend to put the drum set? Do you have lots of space? Do you need to keep quiet? These are the questions that you should ask when looking for a starter drum set.

If you're living in a condominium and you need to be quiet, an electronic drum kit may be what you need.

It's also easier to disassemble and assemble, which works best if you have a small room.

You can also opt for an acoustic drum kit with muting pads.

If the account is tight, you can settle for an electric drum kit as it is less expensive and usually includes everything a beginner needs.

An acoustic drum is more costly because you need to buy everything separately. A low-end acoustic drum is around several hundred dollars more expensive than electric drum kits.

The shell diameter and depth will affect the sound of the drums. Generally speaking, the thicker the shell, the higher it will sound. Thin shells have low sounds.

On the other hand, the bigger the drum's diameter, the deeper its sound will be. So a 16-inch floor tom will sound lower than a 12-inch counterpart.

The material from which the drum is made will also affect. For example, acoustic drums made from maple are known for smooth mid and high frequencies.

Drums made from mahogany boast rich low-end frequencies with smooth mids. Those made from birch have high frequencies and a robust low-end punch.

Other Tips

  • Choose a drum set that can grow with you: For that, you would want to invest in a quality drum kit without breaking the bank. Look for a kit that you can play well and which best suits your need.
  • Play with it: It is classic advice that some beginners tend to overlook because they can order a drum kit online and have it delivered to their homes. But if possible, try to play with a drum set at a retail store and then order one online. This should let you save because those offered at online stores tend to be cheaper than drum kits sold at traditional brick and mortar stores.

By playing with a drum kit first before purchasing, you can check if you are comfortable with the set. You can also check the sound of the drums and determine if it feels right with you.

  • Don’t skimp on a throne: Invest in a right throne, too, because it can allow you to practice longer. Having a high-quality throne can let you play your drums for two hours a day and even longer.
  • Practice, practice, practice: As soon as you get your hands on the drum set you bought online, make sure you spend a lot of time practicing. That’s the only way for you to hone your skills.

But what if you can’t practice because your housemates or neighbors will get mad at you? Then it would help if you opted for an electronic drum kit, which is way quieter than an acoustic drum set.

Since you can plug in headphones, you can play your type of music without disturbing the entire neighborhood. Its beginner drum sets reviews with different kinds of drums we have shown you. Now it’s your turn.

The Definitive Guide for Drum Kits

Finding the correct drum kits for you can be overwhelming, what with the number of drum sets you can find on the market.

However, we will help your shopping become a bit easier as it lists down the best drums today.

Keep in mind, though, that the word ‘best’ is relative. 

What may be best for a drummer may not be good enough for another?

But to come up with a list of drum kits

Things to consideration

Part and features– drum set to come in various parts and features. For instance, an acoustic drum kit may or may not have a throne, bass pedal, cymbal, and other parts.

An electronic drum set usually has MIDI in/out, auxiliary ports that allow an electronic device to be plugged in, and the ability to upload the drummer’s sounds, and more.

Durability- drum kits typically need periodic head changes, depending on how hard the drummer strikes them.

Drumsticks may need regular changes, too, especially if the drummer’s style is aggressive.

Shells, however, can last a lifetime while cymbals can also last long as long as these aren’t dented.

For power drummers, quality, heavy-duty hardware is recommended.

Price– not all expensive drum sets are durable and high quality. Some just are costly because of the brand they carry.

Brand Reputation– Some brands like Yamaha and Ludwig are known to have expensive drum kits.

All things said, here is a listing of the best electronic drum sets according to the level of musicianship of the player.

Drum Kits Comparison

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There are several good reasons why this is highly recommended to greenhorn drummers.

First, the price is less on You will be hard-pressed to find a Ludwig drum set that is priced as competitively as this,

Considering that Ludwig is regarded as one of the most premium brands today.

The drum set may be priced like a toy, but it doesn’t look and sound like one. Even intermediate to experienced drummers will be surprised at how the drum set sounds likes.

The tom and bass drums boast of lower fundamentals partly due to the basswood from which the shells are made of. The 45 degrees, rounded edges limit attack and facilitate a low pitch sound.

The tuning range is also impressive, while the floor tom is very easy to dial in. The rack tunes down well, while the bass drum is very responsive.

There are some weak links like the snare drum which has an unfocused sound, and the riser which alters the geometry of the beater to the bass drum head. More details here.

Still, considering the very affordable price of this drum set, a novice drummer would be foolish not to include it on his shortlist of prospective buys.

First, let’s go into the specifics. This drum kit has a 22 inch by 18-inch bass drum with a tom mount.

It has a 5.5 inch by the 14-inch snare drum, and a couple of floor toms one measuring 14 inches by 16 inches and another, 12 by 14 inches.

Then there are three toms of various sizes—7 by8 inches, Eight by 10 inches, and nine by 12 inches.

This massive seven-piece set also includes a set of three cymbals with stands included and a hi-hat.

The drums are well-built, made of maple. The shells are almost a quarter of an inch thick, with crafted piles of layered maple wood.

The rich and full sound that the kit makes can work well with any genre—blues, hard rock, and metal, to name a few.

Setting up should be a breeze for seasoned musicians, who will be amazed at the excellent sound quality of the drum set.

The included heads aren’t fancy like what you’ll find on more expensive kits, but still good enough for the price range of the drum set.

Overall, this is a great deal given its price and features.

Buying Cheap Drum Sets: What You Need to Know?

Starting Cheaply: Inexpensive Drum Sets for the Beginner

Drum sets are no small investment. Even the smallest and most humble set can be quite costly. Often this can be a problem for people interested in playing the instrument.

Not everyone has a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars to spare for something like this. The good news is that there are ways to score cheap drum sets. It is simply a matter of knowing where to look and what to look for.

Cheap Drum Sets Comparison

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Where to Start

There are some places that provide people with a good place to buy cheap electronic drum sets.

In fact, even local stores and malls may have special offers at certain times. you may check different types of drum sets in this article.

It always pays to keep an eye out for seasonal sales and changes in stocks. These often cause stores to make large price cuts and offer big discounts to buyers.

Aside from this, it may also be ideal to visit a music depot or supplier. By going directly to the source, it is possible to get a lower price not just on drum sets, but on other musical instruments as well.

Since such places supply other stores with their inventory, they are likely to offer these things at a lower price. However, these may be difficult to find or out of the way as many factory outlets are not always in the most convenient locations.

Those who enjoy shopping online can also find many good deals on Amazon. The online retail giant is known for offering good deals to consumers.

Amazon has many different items on stock which gives buyers plenty of choices. There may also be several sellers for a single type of drum set, so this provides options regarding price.

It is not uncommon to see a drum set at a much lower price, especially if it is the last piece available. Discounts can go from 20 to 60 percent on certain sets.

Always best to shop around the site and compare prices from sellers to get the best deal.

If you have a specific model you want, simply search for it, and the results will show the number of offers there is for it.

Amazon also has an offer for used and cheap drum sets. These can be used just a few times or even be refurbished. Sellers usually list down the condition of the items that they sell to give buyers a better idea. here some Reddit discussion gets an idea.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cheap Drum Sets

Many times the problem with cheap drum sets and other items that sell for a low price is quality. To avoid getting a drum set that is of poor quality or condition be sure to keep the following things in mind. before that, you may see our article on how to choose the best electronic drum set.

  • Buy from authorized sellers: The methods above make it possible to buy drum sets at a lower price. However whenever visiting sales or discount stores, always make sure that they are an authorized seller of the instrument. This will help you avoid getting any fake or low-quality items that may not be worth what was paid for it, even if it was cheap.
  • Too Good to Be True Deals: When shopping online, it may be possible to come across deals that seem the give very large discounts that are too good to be true. While it is tempting to take a bit of the bait, be wary. This is especially true if you find the deal on online listings or classified advertisements, or you are buying a second hand or refurbished drum set. Unless you’ve seen the drum set you and assessed it, do not rely on the information given. Take the time to ask questions about the item and ask for extra photos if needed.
  • Do Your Homework: More often than not, getting the best price for an item, whether used or new will depend a lot on the information that the buyer has. It always pays to take the time to do some research. Find out what the suggested retail price is for the drum set you want and what the kit includes. This will make it easier to compare prices to see what the best deal is.
Benefit of Cheap Drum Sets

Cheap Drum Sets Review for 2021

This is a drum set that’s designed for younger users. As a result, this is a product that can take the kind of a beating a young child can dish out.

 It’s very sturdily designed and comes in five unique colors that range from metallic blue to purple.

The throne is very padded, and the set comes with a snare, a cymbal, a bass drum, and amounted tom. You won’t have to purchase drumsticks immediately because Mendini included a pair with the set. You may check out a full review for 5 pieces Mendini.

If you want a little style, this is a great place to start. Not only does it come in a beautiful red, but there are five more colors to select.

The product comes with a snare drum, bass drum, cymbal on a bass-mounted holder, and a tom that hangs.

The throne is fully adjustable, so young players of most ages can use the set. In addition to this, the product is very durable, which is useful when you’re just learning how to drum.

Ideally, this is a product that can work for anyone, but its smallish design might work best for anyone six to 13.

For those that want a full-sized cheap drum set, this product, which comes from Lagrima, is a great option.

It’s made of real wood, and all of the drum hardware is well constructed and resonant.

This is also a very adjustable drum set, which will let you select your most comfortable drumming angles and heights.

Despite the low price, this is a set that has excellent workmanship. The set includes a bass drum, tom drums, a mounted cymbal, hi-hat stand cymbals, and a drum stool with a bass drum pedal.

It only comes in a single color: an attractive and reflective black.

This kit is designed to replicate the set of one of drumming’s most famous players. The Quest love pocket kit is designed to be great for beginners and also serves as a set that experienced drummers can play when they have little space.

The set comes with a bass drum, a tom, a hi-hat cymbal, a standard cymbal, and a snare.

There’s also a foot pedal, but you’ll have to purchase your own throne. It also comes in three different colors so that you can let your style shine through.

The Benefit of Cheap Drum Sets

When you want to learn the drums, you don’t always have to spend a lot of dough.

In fact, there are a ton of budget-friendly options out there for adults and children that want to learn.

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a set like this. First, you can usually punish these drums extensively, and they’ll last through years of use.

If you do manage to damage these drums, they are also easily replaced.

Secondly, these aren’t overly complex, which means that you can quickly learn the basics of these drum sets.

You can learn the snare, the cymbals, and the ride with relative ease on a set you didn’t pay top-dollar for.

Cheap Drum Sets Q&A

1) Do these sets usually come with sticks?

In most cases, you can purchase these, and you’ll receive multiple sticks in the package.

2) Do these come in multiple colors?

Many of these have a design for different types of users, so many come in multiple color options.

3) Will these fold up?

When you’re ready to stop playing for a bit, you can fold up the drum set and store it.

More Questions About Drums Set

  • What is the best brand of drums?

Choosing the single best drum brand is difficult, but some of the best drum brands in opinion of most drummers are

  • Japan’s Tama
  • Yamaha, and 
  • Pearl
  • Germany’s Sonor, 
  • and DW, 
  • Ludwig, 
  • and Gretsch,
  • and UK’s British Drum Company. 

There are nuances in builds and features that bring one over another in every drummer’s eyes.

Every company and others not included in the list have an option of making custom drum sets for players and every player with a custom drum set has a contract with one of the companies.

Japan’s been famous for making quality drums for more than five decades now, and some newer companies on the market made an extra mile to bring quality drum sets to the players.

  • What are the best drum sets?

Depending on what you want to play, you choose the number of pieces. The best four piece will be Gretch Custom four piece,

When choosing the best drum set for you there are many different factors you want to opt for, and they all come down to how the set sounds and how it looks.

Choosing the type of wood can lead to slightly different sounds all around and the general color of your drums.

Different players want different sounds to their drums so they go with the brand and model (usually custom) that can bring out the best in them.

  • Which drummer has the biggest drum set?

Mark Temperato (RevM) holds the record for the biggest drum set with amazing 340 pieces

It takes 3 people about 15 hours to set them up, and Temperato built the custom setting for 35 years.

 It incorporates pieces from over 50 different models and builds. The set includes hundred and three drums, among all kinds of cymbals, bells, tambourines, etc.

It’s amazing how the set is aligned so that Mark can reach it all from his seat. He is famous for making long and elaborated solo parts that can last up to astonishing 45 minutes.

  • How much does a good drum set cost?

For beginners, a new decent drum set can go around $500-1000 dollars for a four-piece set, five-piece set if you are lucky.

Buying used drums can drastically drop the price and you can get a really decent drum set for the same amount of money.

Today an average drum set is considered to be as good as a really good drum set in the 60’s, and when it comes to professionals, most professionals don’t think they need to go with the top tier gear, that can go up to $10k and even more.

Buying only the drum set is not enough for a serious play, but the quality cymbals are also needed and they can take away an extra buck.

With that said, buying a regular set with a pair or more cymbals can add up to $2000 dollars, and even that can of course go over that price, depending on the number of pieces and the additional equipment. Check this article for more details about how a much cost drum sets.

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