Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums- For 2023

Top 10 Best Sticks for Electronic Drums

Novice drum players may overlook the importance of drumsticks, but the most experienced ones know how critical it is to have the Best Sticks for Electronic Drums.

Simply put, the right sticks can allow the drummer to play an electronic drum and create the best sound possible.

The ideal drumsticks are those that correctly fit the player’s hands and are thus comfortable to play with for hours. Finding the right pair of drumsticks can help you bring out the best sounds on your drums and cymbals.

Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

Drumsticks for Electronic Drums Comparison

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Drumsticks for Electronic Drums Features:

  • Material– most drumsticks today are made of the following woods—oak, maple, and hickory.

Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums made of hickory are denser and heavier. The wood is great at absorbing shock, reducing hand and wrist fatigue, and ideal for playing long sets.

The Sticks made of maple are lighter and, thus, faster to play. It’s also ideal for lighter playing situations. Drumsticks made of wood also come in very cost-effective packages. The main disadvantage is that maple wears out quickly.

Oak Drumsticks are heavier than hickory. But they give a sturdy feel in hand, facilitating great cymbal circulation. It is also extremely durable.

Sticks for Electronic Drums are also made of synthetics such as alloy and carbon fiber. While these are preferred by many drummers because of traits like lightweight and durability, drumsticks made of synthetic material may not achieve the type of sound that sticks made of wood can make.

  • Model number— drumsticks come in various models (3S, 2B, 5A, 5B, 7A, among others). The number pertains to the length of the stick, while the letter indicates the thickness. 5A is the most common stick size. Other common sizes are 7A, 3A, and 2B.
  • Tips are four major types of stick tips—round, barrel, pointed/triangle, and teardrop.

Round tips can make a more focused sound. Barrel tips, on the other hand, can diffuse the sound due to their larger contact area. Pointed tips can produce a medium kind of sound while teardrop tips can produce focused, low tones.

Drumstick tips can come in wood or nylon. Nylon tips are widely used because of their durability and distinct sound. Meanwhile, a wood top may not be well suited for an electronic drum.

This is because the material will likely crack, which can potentially damage a mesh head.


  • Style of playing— generally speaking, heavier sticks work well for playing music where a strong backbeat is needed like rock and R&B. Lighter sticks are favored by drummers who play light music like acoustic and jazz. Heavier sticks are also preferred by drummers for practicing because it can help them develop arm strength and stamina.

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Top 10 Sticks for Electronic Drum

  • Zildjian 5B Nylon Black Drumsticks- No#1 

Zildjian is a good brand of cymbals, sticks, and gear. This pair of drumsticks with nylon tips are well-liked by many drummers for its medium-sized dimensions.

As a “B” model, this stick is easy to control making it ideal for beginner drummers. Its texture is also recommended for beginner and advanced users, as it is not too slick and not too sticky. Simply put, the player should be able to play for long hours with this drumstick in hand.

The drumsticks may be lightweight, but the girth is good enough for the drummer to have a good grip on them. The gold lettering will eventually fade after a few days of use, but there’s an upside to that as the player will see more clearly when hitting the cymbals. Check the Press Release & Manufacture Site for mere details.


But there are also some disadvantages to using this pair of sticks. Aside from the gold lettering fading away after a few days, the letters are placed in the area where the drummer will hold the sticks.

Moreover, the sticks tend to leave black marks over the cymbals. Despite these drawbacks, it is still a pretty good stick for an electronic drum kit.

  • Vic Firth American Classic® eStick- No#2

The brand Vic Firth is synonymous with drumsticks. After all, the late founder of this company was a performer in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Firth was such a perfectionist that he created his drumsticks when those available in the market back then failed to impress him.

The Classic eSticks from Vic Firth is 16 and ½ inches long, with a diameter measuring .56 meters. Its long taper makes it easier to handle, and it gets superior sounds out of drums and cymbals.

Many drummers who use this say it feels natural in their hands. Others also say that they were impressed with the Best Sticks’ rounded tip for Electronic Drums as it doesn’t ding up the drum heads much at all.

The lightweight design of the drumsticks is also pretty impressive, making a pair’s response very good. The front end is lighter than the lower end, and this drumstick makes a quick but solid rebound. Check Out the Manufacture site for more details.

How to make Vic Firth eStick Video

The major disadvantage of the Vic Firth American Classic eStick, however, is that it is not built to last. A lot of online reviews indicate that this is not the most durable drumstick for e-kits.

For its very reasonable price, the Vic Firth eStick is hard to ignore.

  • Vater Percussion 1A Drumsticks– No#3

Vater shares some history with Vic Firth and Zildjian. In the mid-80s, the company’s founders Ron and Alan Vater produced sticks for the two drumstick behemoths.

By the next decade, the company decided to produce and market their drumsticks and established a factory in Holbrook, Massachusetts.

Learning from the best has benefited Vater. One proof is this high-quality percussion 1A drumstick sold at around $15. It is made from hickory and has a nylon tip.

The Best Sticks are long with a 5B style grip. Its grip gives players the perfect balance between a 5A and a 5B. The extra length also makes it easier for players to hold it and strike drums and cymbals.

Despite the length, Vater Percussion 1A drumsticks aren’t exactly heavy. The sticks feel very light, which makes them ideal for beginners because of the ease of control.

Even pros will love using this pair because of their weight, as they can maintain their endurance which is particularly important during a long gig. Check more details here.

Video of Vater produced sticks:

  • Zildjian Jazz Maple Drumsticks- No#4

This is a lightweight alternative to Hickory and presents a viable alternative to the Zildjian Jazz hickory drumsticks which according to the company is one of its best sellers.

This drumstick is 16 inches long, with a 0.54-inch diameter. Its tip made of wood has a teardrop shape. The tip color is natural. It features an easy-grip surface that makes it very comfortable to hold.

Maple is not only a lighter material compared to hickory. It can also help the drummer produce darker tones. It’s a lot softer in hand than hickory so that drummers can use this over a long gig.

Video Review:

  • Zildjian Super 7A Maple Green Dip Drumsticks- No#5

Like the earlier pair, these drumsticks from Zildjian are made of maple which is a lightweight alternative to Hickory. But this one features a double coating of Zildjian’s trademarked DIP grip made from an environment-friendly and water-based urethane.

This makes the drumsticks easier to hold, instantly solving the slippery stick problem that many drummers have to deal with.

The dip-coating goes halfway up the stick, which can change the sound the drummer makes during a cross-stick since the coating comes in contact with the rim in a typical cross-stick grip.

That may be an annoyance to some, but most drummers will like that the coating gives them a better handle of the Sticks for Electronic Drums.

While the coating improves the drummer’s grip, be aware that it can also wear off after a few months of use. There are some testimonials from users of this drumstick saying that the dip-coating started to peel only after a few gigs of use.

The price is very reasonable; These drumsticks aren’t exactly for the drummer who likes to bang his cymbals so hard because the dip coatings will wear off eventually.

But for musicians who love to play light music, then this product is highly recommended.

More Information here.

  • Promark Hickory 5BG Benny Greb Wood Tip Drumstick- No#6

This drumstick was designed by German drum specialist Benny Greb and manufactured by Promark, a company based in Houston, Texas.

This is the same company behind drums and percussions used by some of the greatest musicians in the world, like Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, and Neal Peart.

It is made of hickory, which is the most popular material for its durability and resilience. Like most Hickory-based drumsticks, it is also very responsive. Its size is somewhat in between a 5A and 5B.

Drummers like this Stick because it feels bigger in their hand but weighs very lightly. The tip makes a nice, warm sound, especially when the cymbal is hit.

And as what seasoned drummers expect from ProMark, the drum stick’s overall artistry is impressive.

Its accord wood tip, meanwhile, makes the drumstick ideal for acoustic performances as it can enable the drumstick to provide a dark tone. More info & video here.

  • Zildjian Travis Barker Artist Series Drumsticks- No#7

Travis Baker, drummer of bands such as Blink 182 and the Transplants, designed this Best Sticks for the Zildjian line. It’s a white drumstick with a two-color metallic logo.

It can stand up to aggressive playing thanks to the round wood tip and beefy neck of the drumstick. The drumstick is made of select hickory wood and manufactured in the United States.

The stick is pretty durable and can last for a long time, even if the drummer is the aggressive type. Hickory, after all, is adamant and dense, capable of absorbing shock.

The stick may be thick compared to the other drumsticks, but the handling is not bad. Many of those who use it say that they don’t get tired easily even after an hour of playing with this stick.

It has its shortcomings, however. The two-color metallic logo can easily fade away. And drummers who are into jazz and light music may not be able to use it well because of the drumsticks’ weight. It’s a pair ideal for rockers.

Quick Guide Video:


  • Vic Firth 5B Kinetic Force Drum Sticks- No#8

Drummers looking for an increase in speed should try the Vic Firth 5B kinetic force drumsticks. It is perfectly weighted, ideal for drummers who like to be aggressive.

The weighted end of the Best Sticks booted by small metal inserts also contributes to increased hand speed, aside from allowing drummers to play longer.

The small metal inserts particularly to improve the speed of the stick return, helping drummers boost their hand speed.

But the small metal inserts don’t add significant weight to the drumsticks, so the drummer should not be concerned with hand fatigue. This stick is around 16 inches long and weighs less than four ounces.

However, most online reviews indicate that this is not the most durable drumstick around. Many drummers who’ve used it say that it can break easily, but note that many of them admit that they are also hard hitters.

For drummers who want to be faster, then the price may not be such an issue. Quick Video Below:


  • Zildjian Anti-Vibe sticks- No#9

Drummers who are wary of muscle tension and fatigue will love the Zildjian anti-vibe sticks. It’s like manna in heaven for musicians who are limited by physical issues and struggle to find their ideal pace and intensity.

Made of hickory, this drumstick is equipped with the company’s trademarked Anti-Vibe technology. The feature lessens key vibrations in the struck stick, making the stick easier and more comfortable to play than standard drumsticks.

The appearance is also very classy, with a lacquer finish. The vibration absorption technology doesn’t get in the way of the sticks getting a beautiful finish.

Drummers who’ve used it say their hands and wrists aren’t sore after hours of playing with the sticks. They also say they experience a dramatic improvement in hand speed after using this pair of drumsticks.

The only potential drawback of these sticks is durability, but other than that, it is perfect for an electronic drum. Complete details here.

  • Zildjian Roy Haynes Artist Series Drumsticks- No#10

Named after the respected American jazz drummer Roy Owen Haynes, this pair of drumsticks is ideal for drummers who want to take things easy to speak. It is made from superior quality hickory and has a classic walnut finish.

There are a lot of good things to like about these drumsticks. It’s a long taper, for one, produces a faster response aside from more flexibility. It’s also very lightweight, perfect for jazz musicians.

The Best Sticks are also slender and long, giving players an awesome grip and allowing them to be in control of the sticks. Finally, its rounded tip lets drummers achieve a more focused sound. This is a pretty solid pair of drumsticks for jazz musicians. Complete details here.

Things to Consider Drumsticks

Best Sticks for Electronic Drums sticks aren’t exactly pricey, especially when compared to a drum kit. Drummers can get a good one for less than $10, but high-end models can go as high as $20 or more.

The more pricey units can be more durable than lower-priced models, although the playing style of the drummer can also be a factor. Obviously, rockers tend to break their drumsticks more often than jazz musicians.

For beginners, a good set of hickory sticks is recommended. 5A is the ideal size as they’re pretty standard. 7A sticks are more perfect, however, for a young player with small hands.

The type of music should also be a factor in choosing sticks. Lightsticks are perfect for light music like jazz, while medium sticks are best suited for funk and pop. Thick sticks are best used for rock music.

Experimentation is key to getting the right pair of drumsticks. Many seasoned drummers advise younger ones to try out different sticks to find the right pair for them. However, it is also recommended for beginners to use heavier sticks during practice to develop arm strength and stamina.

And as every great drummer would tell a novice player—practice is all it takes to be good at playing the drums.

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