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A Bit of Electronic Drum Set History

The first electronic drum set was conceptualized and co-created in 1971 by Graeme Edge, the drummer of the Moody Blues. These drums provided new sound options for traditional drummers and had a very similar configuration to conventional acoustic drums so that most drummers quickly took to them.

By the mid-1980sthere were a wide variety of electronic drummers in the music industry.

How they work: Electronic Drums, like electronic guitars, don't put out much sound on their own. For maximum sound output, an electronic drum set will require an amplifier or a computer with its sound output.

Once hooked up, the drummer will have a wide variety of sound options to play. There are different types of electronic drum set configurations on the market today for every drummer, which is why these types of sets are so popular.

Electronic Drum Set reviews

Electronic Drum Set Reviews-2021

Anatomy of an Electronic Drum Set

Typically, an electronic drum set has relatively similar anatomy to an acoustic drum set. Wikihow has a useful guide on how drum sets typically are arranged. The standard arrangement typically contains:

  • A Hi-hat Pad: If you need a springy, higher-pitched percussive beat, the hi-hat pad is a great option.
  • Hi and Mid Toms: As you might expect, these two toms produce drum effects that fall into the high and mid-range beat.
  • Lo Toms: If your tone needs a deep, rumbling sound, then these toms are perfect for the lower range.
  • A Bass Pad: These can also come in a pedal. That is the type of drum that drummers refer to as a "kick drum." It also has the most resonant drum tones that you'll get on your electronic drum set. Additionally, some sets even have an acoustic instrument for the bass drum.
  • Ride and Crash Pads: These pads emulate the two types of cymbals that you might find on an acoustic set. The ride cymbal is something used to create a steady, rhythmic beat, whereas the crash pads are designed for accents.

Find the details where to buy electronic drum sets in this article.

Types of Best Electronic Drum Set Heads

For the most part, there are two types of drum heads available for electronic drums: mesh and rubber. Which you end up selecting is typically up to personal preference, but let's take a look at each:

  • Mesh: From a sound perspective, mesh drum heads have a sound that may be reminiscent of what's produced by an acoustic drum. Additionally, they have a rebound that is also like that of traditional drums. When struck, many drummers like this type of drum head because it's typically more sensitive than a rubber drum head, which means that different striking areas of the head will provide varied sounds.
  • Rubber: There isn't a better head out there for a beginner. These rubber drum heads are very durable, are very inexpensive, and can be replaced relatively easily. While their sensitivity lacks compared with the mesh heads, they also last much longer and won't damage your sticks as quickly as mesh. When it comes to acoustic output, the rubber pads are slightly louder than mesh, which tends to absorb the sound of your drum attacks.

For an in-depth guide about electronic drum heads, check out this article at Drum silent.

  • Rebound: Drummers depend on the rebound. This important drum head feature is beneficial when you want to reduce fatigue during your drum sessions.Some drum heads aid rebound; when you strike the drum, the "bounce back" is the head's rebound. Think about it this way, when there is the right amount of rebound, you don't have to put as much effort into raising the drumsticks for successive attacks.
  • Sound Options and Versatility: One of the chief benefits of an exemplary electronic drum set is its unique sound options. Not only will you be able to produce tones and sounds that simply aren't available on an acoustic set, but you can even emulate strange noises that can add a lot of personality to your playing.

Additionally, these instruments are uniquely versatile; you can take them wherever you need them reasonably quickly, you can play them late because, with both rubber and mesh pads, there is little acoustic sound. You can also use digital sound options like tap tempo and add reverb. Also, with electronic drum sets, you can:

  • Change the heads easily
  • Practice with headphones
  • Create electronic bass lines
  • Play on a tabletop (with some models

The Best Brands Of Electronic Drum Set 

There are several great electronic drum brands on the market today, which can be a bit confusing.

Here's a list of some of the best brands available: 

Electronic Drum Set Benefits & Buying Guide

Check the blow complete infographics for electronic drum set buying guides & Benefits.


Best Electronic Drum Kit Reviews

  • Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad

 If you're new to drumming, then you might want an electronic drum kit that has a relatively small form factor so that you can pick up the basics.

The Pyle-Pro PTED06 is a great beginner's drum set that also has the virtue of being very inexpensive.

One of its best features for a beginner is its inherent portability; the Pyle-Pro PTED06 comes in a single unit with several drum pads, which means that you can set it down on a table and practice.

With its unibody design, you still get seven drum pads that have a good amount of rebound. If you are a DJ who likes to use products like this for their gigs, this unit only weighs about 10.4 pounds.

This means that it's easy to take it to where you need it and set it down so that it's in reach for whatever drum beats you want to add to your music.

The included drum pads fully emulate the sound profiles of the crash and ride cymbals, toms, snare drums, and a bass drum.

Additionally, the Pyle-Pro PTED06 also comes with two pedals that you can use to control the kick drum or hi-hat.

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When it comes to overall features, the Pyle-Pro PTED06 comes with five built-in user kits and hundreds of percussion voices. Additionally, it has several songs that come pre-installed with the electronic drum set.

With many drum sets, you have to plug into a dedicated amplifier or computer to produce sound. With the Pyle-Pro PTED06, you can use the onboard speakers for your practice sessions.

This makes this very versatile; you can even plug it into an amp if you need a bigger sound than is available with the electronic drum kit alone.

One of its best beginner features is its power system. You cannot only plug this product into a wall outlet via a cable, but you can also use six C batteries for portable power.

With this feature, beginners can take this drum kit with them on trips, outside, or even to their first gigs. Go to the manufacturer's website for more details.


  • The LED digital display on this drum kit is evident because of its red-on-black design.
  • The tabletop design of this drum kit is very travel-friendly. Add to this that you can use six C batteries for power, and you have a very portable instrument.
  • You can connect this electronic drum set to your computer. You can also stream audio from devices like smartphones so that you have a wide array of audio options.
  • For quiet playing, this drum kit has headphone compatibility.
  • This drum set can keep up; even if you play at high tempos, you won't lose drum functionality and speed.


  • The snare drum tends to fade out somewhat.
  • Even though it is fairly portable, carrying around ten pounds for an extended amount of time can be problematic.
  • The chief console for the digital controls is placed closest to the drummer. This means that you can accidentally strike them during your drumming sessions.
  • The crash and ride cymbals could be a little more giant.
  • Roland V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set

Roland is one of the big names when it comes to crafting excellent instruments like electronic drum sets.

The V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set is a high-quality drum set that breaks down easily so that you can quickly take your show on the road. Learn more best Roland electronic drum.

If you tend to need a quick-constructing set for the road, bring to gigs, or fold away neatly when you don't have a lot of space, this is a great choice.

The V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set has a mobile Kit-folding design that allows you to quickly fold the set inwards to make it easy to transport.

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Folding the kit will take most people less than five minutes, and once it's fully folded, it reduces the size of the set to the point that it can be carried in Roland's CB-TDP carrying case, which is sold separately.

Ease of transport aside, this electronic drum kit has more than a few great features to make it a handy set.

The set comes with a kick, a snare, three toms, a hi-hat, and crash and ride cymbals. Each pad is easy to reach and play with and features a black on a white design that looks very elegant while you're playing.

This kit is also very stable with its three-legged design that lets you set a wide and stable stance.

One of the better features of this kit is its ability to generate some expressive and dynamic sounds via the TD4 percussion sound module.

This module is situated underneath the pads and provides several sound options. Additionally, there are different ambient effects, as well. These give the V-Drums TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drums the ability to emulate various venues like theaters, concert halls, and studios.

The pads that come with this drum set are all rubber. For an additional fee, you can have the snares replaced with mesh heads so that you can execute rim shots.

This adds a bit of versatility to the set because beginners can learn on the rubber-headed version, and advanced players can shell out a bit extra for more nuance.

Overall, this is a very versatile and portable electronic drum pedal. Additionally, it's also very customizable so that your overall drum experience is as varied as possible. Head to the Roland Website sees more details.


  • This electronic drum set has a wide variety of electronic drum sounds, which makes this a great drum set for making beats.
  • All of the toms are of the same diameter.
  • There are some excellent and expressive sounds available through the TD4 percussion sound module.
  • The surfaces of the rubber pads have a lot of rebound to them, which makes them a pleasure to play with.
  • The rubber surfaces feel natural and are cushioned for reduced impact while playing.


  • This is a drum set for active drummers, which means it is not a kit for people who aren't committed to consistent playing.
  • The pads have an acoustic sound that is a bit loud, so these aren't the best to play when the drumming can wake the neighbors.
  • This drum set doesn't come with a dedicated bass drum pedal.
  • Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

Alesis is a company that was founded in the 80s by Keith Bar. they specialize in electronic instruments and audio processors, which is why their electronic drum sets are considered some of the best in the industry.

The Nitro Kit by Alesis is a relatively complex and feature-rich kit that doesn't cost a ton of money. not only does the set come with four toms, but it also includes three ten-inch cymbals (ride, hi-hat, and a crash cymbal with a choke).

Additionally, it also comes with a kick pad that includes a bass drum pedal. More details here.this inclusion of a bass drum option boosts the value of this electronic set. you can check this Alesis DM10 Studio

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Many experienced drummers may like the bass drum pad; it fully emulates a bass drum sound but is small enough to pack away quickly and easily. sensitivity on the Nitro Kit is one of its best features. You can vary your attacks so that you can play lighter or more harder, which is perfect for varying the intensity of the sound.

This is particularly impressive due to the fact that the heads on this kit are made of rubber. Typically, the response and sensitivity of a drum kit come down to its head material.

Fortunately, Alesis achieved a level of sensitivity that is very uncommon for a rubber-headed drum kit.

Assembly of the nitro kit is relatively easy as well, and breaking it down shouldn't take much time either. While this isn't exclusively a portable electronic drum kit, it doesn't take up a massive amount of space when assembled.

Additionally, the pads on this set, aside from being sensitive, are very well-designed. Not only are they sleek and responsive, but they are also whisper-quiet for those late-night drum sessions.

They don't provide an overly loud acoustic experience, which is what many professional drummers want.

The pads that come with this drum set are all rubber. For an additional fee, you can have the snares replaced with mesh heads so that you can execute rim shots.

This adds a bit of versatility to the set because beginners can learn on the rubber-headed version, and advanced players can shell out a bit extra for more nuance.

Despite this quiet construction and functionality, these are also very rugged drum pads for everyday use. If you have a tendency to play for hours on end, this kit might be the best electronic set of drums for you.


  • The Nitro Kit's module comes with 40 classic sounds and has a capacity for 385 custom sounds.
  • It has pre-recorded 60 tracks that are included with the module.
  • The bass drum pad is very sleek and futuristic-looking. It's also very responsive and performs like a traditional acoustic bass drum.
  • The drum pads have a dual-zone design to play them on multiple sections of the drum head.
  • You can plug in your mp3 or streamed music and play along via the input.


  • The entire kit is a bit large; it'll take up a lot of room in a smaller home.
  • The pads have a tendency to not pick up aggressive drumming, so if you're a metal drummer, these might not work well for you.
  • Pieces can start to come loose if you are a heavy striker.
  • Roland TD-11KV-S V-Compact Series

The Roland company is a Japanese brand that has been making drum kits since the early 1970s. this particular Roland drum model has some great features and is a professional-level option in its catalog of products. for professional drummers, Roland TD-11KV-S is an excellent option.

It has hundreds of backing tracks, a stable and sturdy construction, and even includes an accessory connection for an additional cymbal. It includes three single-zone toms, a mesh-head snare with dual-zone functionality, and has ride and crash cymbals that are checkable.

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Additionally, the cymbals also have some excellent overall functionality; the ride cymbal has a three-way triggering functionality, and the crash can be activated in two ways.

This means that you can vary the sound output of the cymbals based on where on the cymbal body you attack.

More experienced players may also appreciate the fact that this drum set uses mesh-type heads. Their rebound is almost on the same level as an acoustic drum set.

When you strike, there is a healthy rebound that really feels good and reduces fatigue, even when drumming at a fast pace.

While it's not designed to be a fold-away unit, this is still a reasonably portable drum kit. The kit only weighs about 42 pounds, which is relatively easy to heft when you're setting up.

From an aesthetic design perspective, this kit has a beautiful look with white-colored drum heads set in black.

For those who wish to play their drum set at night, these also have a reasonably quiet acoustic sound and also include a headphone jack as well.

One of the unique features of the Roland TD-11KV-S is its kick trigger. Most electronic drum sets have a simplified system for the bass drum.

The Roland TD-11KV-S, on the other hand, has a complex looking hammer system that hits a cloth drum head for a truly unique and bassy sound. Go to the Roland website and see more information. 


  • The TD-11 module on this product has a system that provides some excellent overall tonality. It uses behavior modeling to enhance the produced sound truly.
  • For those looking to find the beat, this product includes a metronome in the TD-11 module.
  • You can create your kits with the built-in sound editing platform.
  • The LCD screen is apparent and lets you keep easy track of the settings.


  • While it's not the heaviest, at 42 pounds, you might have to struggle if you're carrying it for an extended period.
  • It's not the cheapest option currently available on the market.
  • You can only add one trigger with the Roland TD-11KV-S.
  • Alesis CompactKit 7

Similarly to the Roland V-Drums TD-4KP, the Alesis CompactKit 7 is designed for an ultra-compact, uni-body functionality. additionally, like that product, the CompactKit 7 is designed also to have its own built-in speakers so that drummers can jam anywhere.

The best feature of the CompactKit 7 is its velocity-sensitive pads. When you want to vary the impact and sound of your drum beats, simply hit them lighter.

This functionality is equally useful for DJs who want to work in a soft beat and drummers who want to achieve a lighter percussive sound.

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As you might expect, this drum kit is designed for portability; in fact, the entire seven pad product only weighs about three pounds. This makes it the perfect kit to toss in a bag and take to the next gig.

You can even use it to plug into an amp and achieve a louder overall beat than is capable through the onboard speakers.

When you're on the road, you don't always have access to an outlet, which is why this Alesis product is capable of using batteries. This unit takes six C batteries, allowing you to play for hours without the plugin's need.

Additionally, Alesis also has included a pair of drumsticks with the purchase of the CompactKit 7, which is useful for those looking to learn drums. For those looking for unique sounds,

the CompactKit 7 also includes a massive amount of sounds in its expansive library. There are 265 percussion voices and 100 songs that you can play. Additionally, there are 45 built-in preset drum kits to play around with as well.

Also, the CompactKit is one of the few products featured in this guide that is specifically designed also to be used for hand percussion. This feature is perfect for DJs to generate some ad-libbed beats at will. Check the Alesis website for more details.


  • It comes with two-foot controls that alternately control the kick bass and the hi-hat.
  • You can output through a MIDI connection so that you can further customize your sound via DAW and plugins.
  • The velocity sensitivity on the pads helps you vary your sound.
  • The kit also includes a built-in metronome for finding the beat.


  • The onboard speakers can seem a bit low.
  • The headphone port is not designed for standard 3.5mm headphones.
  • This drum kit doesn't have the features that a professional drummer might want.
  • Yamaha DTX400K

 If you want a quality experience but don't want to spend a ton of cash, the Yamaha DTX400K is an excellent option for any drummer level.

Not only does it come with Vic Firth 5A drumsticks, but Yamaha has thrown in a drum throne and stereo headphones for late-night playing as well.

The drum kit itself comes from Yamaha, which has been making instruments and consumer electronics since post-World War II. DTX400K has an excellent design that makes practice sessions easy and convenient.

Also, this makes for a very beginner-friendly drum set because of its rubber heads and easy-to-assemble construction.

Aesthetically, the electronic drum kit features fairly nondescript rubber pads that have a fair amount of rebound.

The ride and crash cymbals along the top of the product have a unique aesthetic feature; there is an opening along the top that looks futuristic.

While this might seem like a problem considering that you'll be striking these frequently, the actual positioning is away from the drummer, so it's barely noticeable. More details here.

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The pack-ins for this drum set is what makes it shine through. The headphones are a full-sized pair by JVC that has an excellent overall level of sound quality.

They are well-padded, and most importantly, do a great job at keeping the sound of your drum attacks confined to the headphones themselves.

Additionally, the kick unit of these drums is a simple pedal. Yamaha used their KU100 kick pedal to provide a bass drum experience for this electronic drum kit, which is an excellent and responsive product.

The second pedal that comes with this kit is a hi-hat control pedal that can actually double as a second bass control unit as well.

This is a very inexpensive product, especially when you consider that it comes with so many great components. If you need a new electronic drum kit for a new drummer, there aren't many with as many versatile features and such completeness on the market currently.


  • This unit comes with several components that make it a full-fledged electronic drumming experience.
  • The DTX400 drum trigger module, which is positioned behind the hi-hat cymbal, provides 297 unique sound profiles for the drum set.
  • If you're looking to produce some of the electronic drum sounds that were famous in the 1980s, there are quite a few of them in the Yamaha DTX400K.
  • You can even import your own MIDI songs via the Yamaha MusicSoft software.


  • The snare doesn't always stay in place.
  • The app-based software, the Yamaha drum set Touch App, only supports iOS systems, which means that if you have an Android device, you're out of luck.
  • The spring inside the kick pedal can get loose, which means that the pedal itself won't be as responsive.

Final Thoughts

The best electronic drum set will vary based on your skill level and your budget. The products that we've highlighted here in this guide are designed to provide a great sound and fulfil just about any drummer's basic drumming needs.

Whatever product you select, make sure that it fits your specific sound needs. This might mean that you want to have more electronic tones, or it might mean that the drum set that you need should have more inherent customisability. see more details how to choose electronic drum sets.

We hope that this guide has helped you find a product that works well for you in any situation.

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