Best Roland Electronic Drum Set: Choosing The Right One for 2023

Roland TD- 11KV-S V-Compact SeriesThe applied technologies in electronic drum sets today are indeed impressive. The experience of acoustic drumming is almost replicated perfectly by leading e-drums makers.

While acoustic drumming is ideal because of the richness of the sound of drum shells and resonating drum heads, this proves to be a challenging activity, especially in a quiet environment.

Drummers often find their practice time hampered by the noise of conventional sets. The electric drum kit is a great solution to this noise problem, but the drawback is the different feel of the electronic pads.

Many drummers feel e-drums lack the authenticity as far as traditional, acoustic drumming is concerned. A Roland electronic drum set can be an exemption to this impression especially those that belong to the higher end models of the same brand.

Roland Electronic Drumset Comparison

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Buying Roland Electronic Drumset

Roland has been making electronic musical instruments since 1972. It started making the best electric drums in the early ’80s and has since then developed its rhythm product line so that it is one of the most respected makers of e-drums today.

The top electric drum products of Roland have cutting-edge technologies. This makes it an industry leader and a trendsetter in touch response features, multi-zoned pad technology, and even in drum sound development.

If you want to buy an electric kit with amazing features, Roland is the brand to go for. Here are some of their best-selling kits at Amazon.

This makes it an industry leader and a trendsetter in touch response features, multi-zoned pad technology, and even in drum sound development. If you want to buy an electric kit with amazing features, Roland is the brand to go for.

Here are some of their best-selling Roland kits Reviews

This drum kit is made with portability in mind. It has a folding design so that storage and transport would not be a problem. This has the TD-4 percussion sound module that boasts a lot of features including a handful of expressive drum sounds.

It also has the COACH feature that gives drummers basic lessons on drum playing. It has a quick record/play function making it an ideal practice partner for drummers regardless of their skill level.

The kit has a total of 8 pads that covers for snare, toms and kick drum assignments. The pads are cushioned with rubber making the surface behave like a real tensioned drum head. This Roland kit is a good way to kick off your journey into drumming and percussions.


This kit has the TD-1 sound module and is made from lightweight plastic, metal, and alloy. Bringing this around or setting it up in your house is easy.

Its simplified design makes it a space saver too. The TD-1 provides for 15 built in kit sounds. This set has a mesh head for its snare pad allowing drummers to have a better feel of their downbeats.

There are three drum pads for toms and a couple for the cymbals. It is equipped with a beater-less kick pedal making it very quiet to use. Making it one of the most affordable drum kits by Roland. Top Reason why you take Roland electronic drums for beginners.


This set has impressive features and is already exploiting the technological breakthroughs of Roland in e-drums. It has the advance Mesh-Head V-Pad for the snare and toms. It is also equipped with the acclaimed V-cymbals for both the crash and ride.

The hi-hat attachment is also well designed making adjustments easy. Its beater-less kick pedal has a natural feel allowing you to practice better your hand and foot coordination exercises.

Plus you do not have to worry about noise while doing all that. But with its features, you know this is money well spent.


The V-Drums is a flagship series by Roland that has all the key features this drum maker has developed through the years for their electronic kits.

The TD-30 has the advanced sensing technology which is also coupled with Roland’s SuperNatural sounds. The result is a drum sound that is comparable to the tone of an acoustic drum.

It also has a room ambiance and overhead mic simulation so that every strike on the pad gives off an authentic drum sound. It also has a V-edit mode that enables you to customize drum sounds straight from the kit’s module. See more details here.

Choosing the best Roland drum set

Roland has an extensive line of electric drums. Selecting the best one for you is important so that you can enjoy all its features without overspending.

  • Stick with the features you need – kits from this drum maker are often packed with a lot of features. Some are necessary, but some might be too much for a starting musician. The key here is to know what you need from an e-drum. Do you need MIDI connectivity? Do you want a metronome or an auxiliary input for playing along externally sourced tracks? Do you need touch sensitivity in your drum pads? Is a beater-less kick drum acceptable to you? Asking these questions can give you an idea of the kind of drums you need. Once you have identified your needs, stick to these when you start shopping for a Roland drum set.


  • Stick with your purpose – if you want to use an electronic kit for some serious practice runs, then the professional series V-drums is suitable for you. It’s touch-sensitive mesh heads allows you to hone your drumming skills while refining your unique sound with ghost notes and lots of dynamic strokes. If you just want to use it for simple rudimentary practices, then a foldable kit with simple pads will be enough for you.


The final verdict

Roland Electronic Drum set is one of the best made in the world. Buying one of their drum kits is a safer option than buying from other brands. However it carries a lot of drum models, so choosing the best one for you can be tricky.

The first step to simplifying this process is to understand your needs. You also have to consider your budget. And then you can read a lot of reviews of the drum model you are interested in.

The Roland kits mentioned in this article are a good start in your drum set selection. But again, your preferences and purpose will have the final say.


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