Cheap Drum Sets Under 100 Dollars: 13 Product Reviews for 2021

The Best Drum Sets for Those on a Budget under $100

When you begin your journey learning how to play the drums, you are going to need something to practice on. With that being said, you are also going to want to ensure that you enjoy playing before you spend a lot on a new kit.

There are plenty of options on the market that will meet your needs.

Times are hard, and even aspiring drummers will find a drum set a pricey investment. A good beginner’s drum kit can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Like with any other purchase, the more expensive the drum set is, the more durable and high quality it is. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find cheap drum sets under 100 dollars.

There are still some drum sets that you can buy at a measly price, although most of them are junior drum sets or those designed for children.


Junior drum sets can come in a three-piece or five-piece arrangement, but the former is the more likely option you have given a limited budget.

The five-piece set includes a bass drum, a couple of toms, a floor tom, and a snare drum. On the other hand, the three-piece set typically includes a kick drum, a snare drum, and Tom.

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the best cheap drum sets for under 100 dollars.

Drum Sets Under 100$ Comparison

Best Choice
Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set - Junior Kit w/ 4 Drums (Bass, Tom, Snare, Cymbal), Drumsticks, Drummer Seat - Beginner Drum Sets & Musical Instruments
Best Choice Products Kids Beginner 3-Piece Drum Set, Junior Size Musical Instrument Practice Kit w/ Sticks, Cushioned Stool, Cymbal, 2 Toms, Bass, Drum Pedal - Blue
Union DBJ3067(MR) 3-Piece Toy Drum Set with Cymbal and Throne - Metallic Red
Best Value
First Act Discovery Drum Set & Seat, Blue Stars
Product Name
Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set - Junior Kit w/ 4 Drums (Bass, Tom, Snare, Cymbal), Drumsticks, Drummer Seat - Beginner Drum Sets & Musical Instruments
Best Choice Products Kids Beginner 3-Piece Drum Set, Junior Size Musical Instrument Practice Kit w/ Sticks, Cushioned Stool, Cymbal, 2 Toms, Bass, Drum Pedal - Blue
Union DBJ3067(MR) 3-Piece Toy Drum Set with Cymbal and Throne - Metallic Red
First Act Discovery Drum Set & Seat, Blue Stars
Prime Status
Customers Rating
Price not available
Best Choice
Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set - Junior Kit w/ 4 Drums (Bass, Tom, Snare, Cymbal), Drumsticks, Drummer Seat - Beginner Drum Sets & Musical Instruments
Product Name
Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set - Junior Kit w/ 4 Drums (Bass, Tom, Snare, Cymbal), Drumsticks, Drummer Seat - Beginner Drum Sets & Musical Instruments
Prime Status
Customers Rating
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Best Choice Products Kids Beginner 3-Piece Drum Set, Junior Size Musical Instrument Practice Kit w/ Sticks, Cushioned Stool, Cymbal, 2 Toms, Bass, Drum Pedal - Blue
Product Name
Best Choice Products Kids Beginner 3-Piece Drum Set, Junior Size Musical Instrument Practice Kit w/ Sticks, Cushioned Stool, Cymbal, 2 Toms, Bass, Drum Pedal - Blue
Prime Status
Customers Rating
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Union DBJ3067(MR) 3-Piece Toy Drum Set with Cymbal and Throne - Metallic Red
Product Name
Union DBJ3067(MR) 3-Piece Toy Drum Set with Cymbal and Throne - Metallic Red
Prime Status
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Price not available
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Best Value
First Act Discovery Drum Set & Seat, Blue Stars
Product Name
First Act Discovery Drum Set & Seat, Blue Stars
Prime Status
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Drum Sets Under 100 Dollars Reviews

Amazon is a good place to shop for junior drum kits. There are tons of excellent choices for your little one. Here’s a listing of the top ten junior drum sets on the popular online superstore:

This Mendini drum set is one that is designed to give you a feel for the drums without having too many components. It comes with a bass drum that is 13 inches by eight inches in size.

It also comes with a mounted snare drum and a mounted tom. The snare is 10 inches by four inches, and the tom, which is the smallest drum on this set, is only eight inches by six inches.

Since you need a cymbal, this set comes with an eight-inch cymbal. You will need accessories to enjoy the set, so a pair of drumsticks, a drum throne, and a bass drum pedal also come with the set.

This set is available in metallic blue, metallic red, metallic green, metallic purple, and metallic black.

Mendini By Cecilio Kids Drum Set - Junior Kit w/ 4 Drums (Bass, Tom, Snare, Cymbal), Drumsticks, Drummer Seat - Beginner Drum Sets & Musical Instruments
  • Great Kids Drum Sets: These are great starter drums for kids to learn on. Smaller sized genuine hardwood shells and triple flanged hoops make this the perfect first set for a younger player. It includes everything needed to get off to a great start.
  • High Quality, Great Sound: The drum kit for kids not only looks shiny, vibrantly colored and glittery, but the kids drums are durably made. They are strong to sustain continuous play while producing a great sound.
  • Drum Set Includes: The kid drum set comes with 1 bass drum (8”x13”, 4 lugs, bass drum foot pedal), 1 mounted tom drum (6”x8”, 4 lugs), 1 mounted snare drum (4”x10”, 4 lugs) and 1 cymbal (8” with cymbal arm).
  • Music Accessories: In addition to the kids musical instruments, the drum kit comes with a pair of wooden kids drumsticks so the playing can start right after setup. It also includes a round padded drum throne with adjustable height.
  • Easy To Assemble: To avoid damage to the well-crafted music instruments for kids during shipping, the drum sets & set components come unassembled. Easy-to-follow instructions are included. The set takes up very little space.


  • The drum throne can be adjusted, so it can easily be used by a child, teen, or a smaller adult.
  • Assembling this drum kit is quite simple.
  • This drum kit is very well made, especially when you consider the frame.


  • This set may not be the most comfortable option for larger children and adults.
  • The quality of the drum surface is not the best, so it may not hold up to beating the drums.

Video Review:


This next drum set is one that is designed for youngsters with interest in drums to try. There are two different color options that you can choose from.

First Act Discovery Drum Set & Seat, Blue Stars
  • The First Act Discovery Drum Set is sized just for young drummers and makes learning to play easy and fun
  • Authentic, tunable drums with great tone and a stylish blue stars finish
  • Patented push mounts make it easy to put together, so you’re ready to rock in minutes
  • Includes bass drum with foot pedal, snare drum, tom drum, cymbal, drum key, drumsticks, drum seat, and Color & Shape Learning Guide for visual learning
  • Suitable for age 6+

The first one is a blue star pattern that is ideal for a little boy. The second option is a drum set covered in pink sparkles, which is ideal for a little girl to enjoy.

The surface of the drums has a great design that will create an authentic tone that even a professional drummer would love. In this kit, there is a bass drum that comes with a foot pedal, a snare drum, a tom drum, and a cymbal.

The complete kit also comes with a pair of drumsticks that you can play the drums as soon as you assemble them. In fact, a drum seat is also included in the kit. This set can be great for any child or teen, but it is suggested for kids who are at least six years of age.


  • The acoustic sound that you can get from this drum set is quite amazing.
  • This drum set is very easy to assemble; in fact, it snaps together using a push pin mounting system.
  • This is a very durable drum set that can last through years of use.


  • This kit may not be that comfortable for older kids.
  • The bass drum pedal moves inconsistently as you play.


If you have a pre-teen in your home or a slightly younger child, then this is a great drum set to consider. It is available in three gorgeous color options, which include olive green, ruby red, and sapphire blue.

It was built with a very compact design that will fit into nearly any small space. The chrome accents on the kit make it look like a drum set that can be purchased at a much higher price point.

Ashthorpe 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Drum Set - Children's Beginner Kit with 14" Bass, Adjustable Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks - Green
  • Ideal junior set: This complete starter drum set is perfect for children ages 3-8 years old, providing everything needed for beginners learning to play and perfect their practice, including a 14"x 9" bass drum, 10" x 5" mounted tom, 8"x 5" mounted snare with internal wires and adjustable tension knob, 8" stainless-steel mounted crash cymbal, padded throne (stool), drumsticks, hardware, pedals, and drum adjustment key.
  • Top components for rich sound: This deluxe set is crafted utilizing the highest quality materials, such as genuine Poplar hardwood shells and triple flanged hoops, all chosen for their ability to maximize frequency response and resonance for the ultimate acoustic experience.
  • Compact & sturdy design: Ideally suited to master the basics, this drum set offers a complete learning experience wrapped up in a perfect-for-kids compact size that will easily fit into a corner in a child's bedroom, playroom or den. Crafted with attention to detail, this well-made set is built to withstand enthusiastic young drummers, while maintaining lasting performance.
  • Stage-worthy appearance: Available in several finishes to suit any preference, each set features top-quality, all-chrome hardware and accents.
  • Some assembly required: Detailed, easy-to-read instructions for frustration-free setup.

This drum kit was designed for a beginner, so it only has three drums and a cymbal. The drums that you will get with this purchase include a bass drum, a mounted tom, and an amounted snare drum.

A crash cymbal, a pair of sticks, and a comfortable stool are also included, so with a little bit of assembly; your kid can quickly be playing the drums.


  • This is a very durable drum kit that will take years of use and abuse.
  • The color options that are given to you are quite bright, which will look great if you perform.
  • This is a great option for a beginner.


  • Even though the kit is simple to assemble, it does take up a bit of time.
  • The stool may not be comfortable for some, especially tall children.


If you or someone in your family is looking for a portable drum option that will not take up a lot of space in your home, then this electronic drum set is a great option.

It has a pad for a snare drum, three toms, a ride, a hi-hat, a crash cymbal, and a bass drum. The batteries that are required for this drum kit are rechargeable, so you can always play when you want. In fact, you will get about 10 hours of play per charge.

PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set, Roll Up Drum Practice Pad Midi Drum Kit with Headphone Jack Built-in Speaker Drum Pedals Drum Sticks 10 Hours Playtime, Great Holiday Birthday Gift for Kids
  • PORTABLE AND PROFESSIONAL DRUM: Paxcess electronic drum set includes 1 SNARE, 3 TOMS, 1 CRASH, 1 RIDE, 1 HI-HAT and 2 Foot Pedals play the sound of Bass Drum. This roll-up drum kit offers 5 Timbres, 8 DEMO Songs and 3 Rhythms, you can play different music styles. Kids can put this set in their backpacks when they go outdoor.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: This 7-pad practice drum set is powered by a built-in 2400mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 10 hours of playtime per charge. You will be able to take it with you anytime and anywhere even play outside.
  • EARPHONE JACK: Paxcess digital drum set supports headphones. By wearing a set of headphones while you play the drum, you can be as quiet as a church mouse while rocking out like you're playing Madison Square Garden. Not only do they make practice quieter, but electronic drums also make practicing more efficient, perfect for private practice or late-night playing.
  • BUILT-IN SPEAKER: This electronic drum kit has high-quality built-in dual speakers that bring you astonishing bass effects, no need to connect with other speakers. Sound volume can be adjusted as you need up to 10 levels, and the foot pedals can bring you a more realistic drumming experience.
  • PLAY GAMES: Paxcess electronic drum set supports record and play demo songs. With standard midi out jack (5 pin jack) and USB midi out jack, you can connect the drum to computers to produce music or play games.

The speakers that come with this electronic drum set sounds great, so you will not need to use another set of speakers as you play. There is also a headphone jack that you can use with this set that allows you to keep the music that you are creating in your head. The bass drum sounds great, but the highs and the mids also sound amazing.


  • The battery can hold a charge quite well.
  • The speaker on this set is quite loud.
  • This is a drum set that is very easy to transport in a vehicle.


  • Due to the shape of the buttons, they can be a bit difficult to press.
  • When using some earbuds, you can hear static.


This is another sub drum set that is suited for children, especially those who are in the 3 to 5 years old range.

It consists of real wood shells, with a 12-inch bass drum, two tom drums, a bass drum pedal, mounted cymbal, a drum key, and drumsticks. The drums come in a high gloss finish.

You can give your aspiring drummer a good start with this drum set from Gammon Percussion, a trusted brand when it comes to percussion instruments.

It is ready to play once it is removed from the box. Assembly is easy too, as there is a manual that parents can refer to in putting this kit together.

This drum set can grow with the player, so to speak, because it is height adjustable. The sound quality isn’t bad, with the bass drum sounding more of a moderate Tom due to its smaller size.

The overall size of the other pieces will keep the sound volume to a tolerable level, something your neighbors will likely appreciate.

Blue Drum Set Complete Junior Kid’s Children’s Size with Cymbal Stool Sticks - Everything You Need to Start Playing
  • Everything You Need To Start Playing
  • Recommended ages 3 – 8
  • 16” High Bass Drum Perfect For Kids
  • Real Wood Shells & High Gloss Finish
  • Best Value & Top Seller – Ships Fast!


Technically speaking, this is not a sub $100 drum set as its price on But it’s still a fairly cheap drum kit by any standards, and should be good enough for kids aged under ten years old to make some tolerable noise and develop their budding skills.

It’s not a toy by any standard as it is made of real wood and rugged metal. It’s also pretty easy to assemble despite the package not having any instructional manual.

The sound is full and rich which is quite surprising for a starter kit, and any parent will love that the hardware looks durable enough to last for a long while.

One way to make the sound much better is to put a small pillow in the kick drum while assembling this kit. The cymbals aren’t of good quality and can sound like that of a toy set.

But if you can replace it in the future, then your little drummer would have a better sounding instrument in his hands. This is an instrument that young musicians can grow with. you might consider below the product.

Best Choice Products is a company known for its low-cost home, music, garden, and children products. It’s not as reputable as Gammon Percussion when it comes to musical instruments, but this three-piece beginner drum set is a good bargain for parents with kids who are budding musicians.

This three-piece drum set includes a bass drum and two toms. There’s also a pair of drumsticks, a cymbal, and a drum pedal to boot.

The hardware is plated in premium quality chrome, and in an attractive blue finish. Assembly should take less than an hour, although this product doesn’t have any instruction manual that parents can refer to.

Best Choice Products Kids Beginner 3-Piece Drum Set, Junior Size Musical Instrument Practice Kit w/ Sticks, Cushioned Stool, Cymbal, 2 Toms, Bass, Drum Pedal - Blue
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS: Sized for children ages 3 and up with all the essential sounds the beginner musician needs to start learning
  • ALL-WOOD DRUM SHELLS: Carefully shaped and sealed wood shells create a stable resonance with a warm, dynamic tone
  • ALL HARDWARE INCLUDED: Blackened metal fastenings come together in an easy assembly process with a single drum key for final adjustment and future tuning
  • HIGH-GLOSS FINISH: A bright, smooth finish on each drum shell ensures easy upkeep and preserves the sound quality for years
  • COMPLETE SET: Comes complete with 2 toms, 1 bass drum, 1 cymbal, 2 drum sticks, a bass pedal, and a cushioned stool for extended jam sessions!; OVERALL DIMENSIONS (Set Assembled): 22"(L) x 29"(H)


  • Soundtrack Pro Audio DBJ30-62-BK 3 Piece Kid Junior Children Drum Set Kit: Currently unavailable. 

This is a great drum set for young drummers, made from real wood with a chrome rim. There’s a bass drum, a snare drum, and a tom drum to get drummers warm up to play, plus a cymbal and throne. I Will see if the product comes live again!

Soundtrack Pro Audio DBJ30-62-BK 3 Piece Kid Junior Children Drum Set Kit, Black
  • Made with real wood and chrome rim, so it's no toy.
  • Includes the 3 pc drum with cymbal and throne
  • this one is Black, available in Metallic red, Wine red and blue
  • Great for infants to begin playing
  • Real Drum set, not a toy set, so will last

This is a drum set ideal for children aged 3 to 5 years old. There’s a 12-inch bass drum, an eight-inch snare drum, and an eight-inch Tom, plus an eight-inch brass ride cymbal.

Your little drummer will also get a pair of drumsticks, a kick pedal for the bass drum, and an adjustable drum stool which should come in handy as he/she grows.

There are no assembly instructions, but like most of the models in this list, it is pretty easy to figure out how to put this drum kit together. Just make sure to tighten the wingnuts on the snare drum and toms as these can easily loosen.

Premium Children's Junior Beginners Silver 3 Piece 12 Inch Drum Set with Chair, Sticks, Stool, Adjustable Tuning Key, Pick + Free Lessons
  • Includes code and instructions for two months of Free Live Lessons
  • Recommended ages approximately of 4 to 11, 3 actual drums
  • 16-inch bass drum, 10-inch snare, 10-inch tom-tom, 10-inch brass ride cymbal
  • Bass drum kick pedal, adjustable drum stool
  • Drum sticks, and tuning key.


This three-piece drum set includes an 8×13 inch bass drum, a 5×8.5 inch tom, and a 5×10 inch snare drum. The mini throne is adjustable, while there are a bass drum pedal and a pair of drumsticks included in the package.

It’s a complete package that would enable a child to start playing the drums.

Union DBJ3067(MR) 3-Piece Toy Drum Set with Cymbal and Throne - Metallic Red
  • Drum sizes:8" x 13" Bass Drum5" x 8.5" Tom Tom5" x 10" Snare Drum
  • Hardware includes: All Required Mounting Hardware for Cymbal, Tom and Snare, Adjustable Mini Throne, Bass Drum Pedal, Bass Drum Spurs
  • Cymbals include:8" Cymbal
  • Accessories Tuning Key
  • Available in three colors: Metallic Dark Blue (DB), Pink(PK) and Metallic Red (MR).


This three piece drum set includes a 12×10 inch bass drum, an 8.5×5.5 inch snare drum, and an 8.5×5.5 inch tom drum. The drums are made of real wood (maple) with PVC for enhanced durability.

It also includes a pair of drumsticks and an adjustable, padded drum throne.

AW 3pcs Junior Kids Child Drum Set Kit Sticks Throne Cymbal Bass Snare Boy Girl Red
  • [Fun & Educational] A real player kit for your kid, not only offers a great way for kids to develop their musical abilities, but also develop their eye-hand coordination and motor skills early on in life
  • [High Quality & Loud Sound] Maple compound board drum and drumsticks for durability, bass drum with a pedal for efficient performance, ensures the creation of loud and clear sounds
  • [Kid-Friendly Drum Set for Toddlers] Child-friendly size and simple attractive design 3pcs drum set, stands & stool with non-skid rubber feet for protecting your kid and the drums
  • [Easy Assemble & Durable] Easy to assemble with accessories, ready to rock in minutes, strong and durable for years of continued use, ideal starter drum set for kids aged 2+
  • [Perfect Choice for Gift] Perfect choice as kids' birthday gift, Christmas gift, Childrens' Day gift; Comes complete with 2 toms, 1 bass drum, 1 cymbal, 2 drumsticks, and a cushioned stool; Bass drum size(Dia.x Thickness): 12" x 10"

Like the item before it, this drum set is made of real wood drum shell for durability. The drum is made from maple and PVC, while the pair of drumsticks included is made of maple.

There’s a bass drum measuring 12×10 inches, a snare drum, and a tom drum of similar size (8.5×5.5 inches). The drum throne is padded and can be adjusted to grow up with the drummer.

CHIMAERA Kids' 8-inch Drum Set with Drumsticks and Chair (Silver)
  • Constructed with real wood drum shell
  • Adjustable padded drum throne
  • Easy to read set up instructions (some assembly is required)
  • Chair and drumsticks included
  • Drum material: maple & PVC

There are three pieces in this drum set, a 12×10 inch bass drum, and a tom drum and snare drum that are both 8.5×5.5 inches in size. The drum is also made of maple and PVC, while the pair of sticks are made of maple.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of cheap drum sets that you can purchase for less than a hundred bucks. Amazon is a good source of cheap drum sets under 100$ with reasonably priced junior drum kits that you can buy for your budding drummer.

MegaBrand 3-Piece 8-Inch Kids Drum Set Kit w/Cymbal Drum Throne Black
  • Real wood drum shell for durability
  • Drumsticks are included
  • Adjustable padded drum throne
  • Easy to read set up instructions (Assembly is required)
  • Ideal gift for kids at Christmas, Birthday


Buying a junior drum set that costs less than a hundred bucks may seem like a waste of money with the thinking that you’re only getting a toy drum. But junior drum sets aren’t exactly toys.

These are scaled-down models of drum sets played by professionals, and designed with the small percussionist in mind.

  • Junior drum sets aren’t exactly trying in the sense that these instruments have tunable and replaceable heads. You can even replace the cymbals if you want to. Moreover, the hardware components are operational and replaceable as well.


  • Additionally, cheap drum sets are the perfect instrument for kids who want to learn the skills in drumming. There are many skills involved in playing the drum, such as the proper way of holding a drumstick. With a junior drum set, young children will learn the proper way of gripping a drumstick. They’ll learn that there’s a distinct way to hold the drumsticks so they can get the right bounce and response from it.


  • Another skill that young drummers will learn when they have a cheap drum set at home is counting time signatures, notes, and beats. Kids can practice regularly and develop the sense of timing needed to be good at playing the drums.


  • Once your child has mastered the basics of playing the drums, you may want to get him or her an intermediate drum kit which can cost more than $100. But since your child is still learning the ropes, so to speak, it would not be practical at all to buy such an expensive drum set. For most parents, a sub $100 junior drum set is enough to get their children started in playing the drums.


Playing the drums can also have an impact on a child’s personality. Learning music has been shown in numerous studies to improve a child’s memory.

Drumming, on the other hand, can develop the hand and eye coordination of a kid. It can also improve the creativity and self-esteem of a youngster.

Children who can figure out how to play an instrument are also more likely to have a lot of self-confidence and a more well-rounded personality.



As they say, you get what you pay for. Buying a cheap drum set, one that costs less than $100, means you will have to live with a lot of limitations.

You should understand that there are a lot of things that you will be compromising with a cheap drum set, such as:

  • Build quality—you can’t expect a drum kit priced under $100 to be of good quality. At best, build quality will be basic as cheap drum sets are manufactured on mass. Most likely, the drum set comes with cheap hardware and poor quality cymbals.


  • Durability—because of the subpar build quality, you can expect a sub $100 drum set not to last long. You will likely end up replacing it after 1 to 2 years. Cheap drum sets under $100 often have poor quality hardware which can strip out and break much easier. It can also cause the drums to fail in producing the ideal sound.


  • Sound quality— the sound quality of a sub $100 drum set will be mediocre right out of the box. It’s not a musical instrument that a professional will be fond of playing. You will have to spend a lot of time tuning the drums to be able to get the type of sound you covet.


  • Lack of warranty—there’s a likelihood that a cheap drum set doesn’t have a long warranty that more expensive drum sets have.


  • Look and feel—most of the junior drum kits under $100 will look and feel like a toy since these products are targeted at younger drummers.


  • Lower potential resale value—it is highly unlikely that you will be able to resell the instrument after a year or two of use. The junior drum set may have to be passed on to another child.

A video for under 100$ drum set:


A Traditional Drum Kit Setup

There are quite a few drum set options that you can consider, but most of them are not needed for a beginner. You will need the following:


  • A bass drum
  • A snare drum
  • A small tom
  • A medium tom
  • A floor tom
  • Hi-hats
  • A crash cymbal
  • A ride cymbal

Any more will be too excessive for a beginner. In fact, most of the drum set that we are going to review here have even less. It is important to make sure that the drum set that you select has a cymbal because they will be used in most of the songs that you hear today.

Things to Consider

A drum set priced under $100 is an ideal gift or present to kids who dream of becoming the next Dave Grohl someday. In buying a drum set, you should find one that has a bass drum or a snare drum and a couple of toms.

Cymbals, cymbal stands, and a throne should also be included in the drum set so that it would be fully functional.

The drums will be usable, meaning they’ll produce a good sound. But you can expect the cymbals to be a little flimsy.

When buying a drum set for kids, these are some of the factors that you will have to consider:

  • Age of the drummer– You should check the manufacturer’s details regarding the age suitability of a drum set before purchasing. Most children’s drum sets are appropriate for children three years and above.


If your child is old enough to take drum lessons, or you feel that they are blessed with a sense of rhythm, you might want to skip on a cheap drum set and buy a beginner drum set. But it could cost you more than $200 to $500, depending on the brand.


  • Accessories- Like other instruments, drum kits have related accessories that you can buy to make the kit more enjoyable to play. These include drumsticks, dampening pads, stools, and additional drums. It’s possible to buy a junior drum set with drumsticks, but you’ll likely have to spend on other accessories like dampening pads. The same goes for educational booklets on how to play the drums as well as a drum key for tuning the instrument.


  • Space- while junior drum sets won’t take up a lot of space in a house, you still need to know the dimensions of the drum set you’re getting to ensure that your little drummer has enough room to practice.

A three-piece drum set typically takes up around 36 x 24 inches of floor space. On the other hand, a five-piece drum set can take up to 40 x 26 inches of floor space. Measure the space you have at home, particularly in your child’s room, where you intend to keep the drum kit.

  • Some users- Do you have more than one child who will be playing the drums? If so, it would be better to buy a five-piece drum kit instead of a three-piece drum set.


  • Shipping- If you are to order a drum set online, you should also be wary of the shipping fees. Drum sets, even those for kids, can be big enough to affect their shipping rates. Look for a retailer that offers free shipping of junior drum sets.


Some FAQ

What is the cheapest drum set?

Although you can probably get the cheapest drum set second hand, buying a new drum set that’s at the lowest in terms of the price can change from time to time. At the moment we are writing this, it seems Medini MDS 80 is the cheapest, with the price set around $190 to about $250. You can also always watch out for the discounts that can pinch a few bucks from the common market price.

How can I get a cheap drum set?

There are different ways to get a cheap yet relatively good drum set if you decide to dedicate a bit more time to it. Following the prices on large retail websites can be a start, but you can go further than that – try the auctions, pawn shops, clearance at local music stores, as well as keeping an eye on garage sales in your vicinity. You can get great deals doing it, and even cut the price a bit more if you can negotiate.

What is the best cheap electronic drum kit?

This also is susceptible to changes, and it can change in a matter of months. But that also depends on the period you’re looking for, and you can’t really rely on that. The current cheap but really good electronic drum kit in our opinion is Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit, which stands at around $350-400.

What does a good drum set cost?

Determining a good drum set is basically checking the quality of shells, hardware and what you get with the set, and how it’s made (custom, production line, hand-made). Good drum sets are set around $500 up to $1000, with professional drum sets going around $1500 and of course more. A common recommendation for beginners is the low-side of good drums, so about $500-600 give or take.

How can I make a cheap drum set sound great?

There are a few tweaks you can do: new heads, tune it up well, kill bad frequencies by dampening, kick ports, have good cymbals, and generally take care of your drum set. You can do this by waxing the bearing edges, make sure they’re without dips and bumps (the smoother the better), and if the cymbals aren’t tip-top, you can place a bit of duct tape under them.

What age is appropriate for a junior drum set?

There are different ways of thinking about this, and even experts disagree about the right age. Every child is different in developing the skills needed for playing the drums, like fine motor skills, or the general readiness to practice, attention span, etc. As far as the height is concerned, children age 3-10 will be able to sit comfortably at junior drum sets.

What kind of drum kit should I buy?         

Most drummers begin with a five-piece drum set that includes one bass drum (kick drum), one snare drum, a floor tom, and two rack toms. Other than that you’ll need some cymbals, and the common recommendation is a high-hat, a ride, and at least one crash cymbal.

Buy standard and commonly recommended cymbals and be ready to change them over time when you learn what you want. For expanding your drum set, you usually get more toms of different sounds.

Final Thoughts

Drum sets can be quite expensive to purchase, but don’t let the cost of these instruments keep you from learning the drums. There are quite a few budget-friendly options that you can purchase.

In fact, cheap drum sets under 100 dollars are common for beginners. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find a drum set that works for your needs.

If you feel that it is too small, remember that you can always build onto a cheap drum set when you have a bigger budget to work with.

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