Drum kit vs Drum set- 2023 Best Comparison

Drum kit vs Drum set Comparison 

People often think that there is a big difference between the drum kit and drum set. However, in most cases, the two are interchangeable. The drum set is also known as a drum kit or a trap set.

It is a group of percussion instruments that are played by a single person. However, a drum set on its own may mean a group of drummers playing different kinds of drums within the same ensemble.

The arrangement of a drum kit is usually to suit a given musical sound or genre. In most cases, the number of instruments varies according to a drummer's taste. They can use cowbells, tambourines, blocks, and any other music devices.

Drum kits usually come in a five-piece ensemble. They have two tom-toms, a bass drum, a floor tom, and a snare drum. However, a drum set may contain several drummers playing various drum kits.

Musicians usually use a modern drum kit in popular music, and it always contains the following:

  • Snare Drum- It is usually mounted on a stand and put between a player's knees. It is played using drum sticks and may include brushes.
  • A bass drum– The drummer plays it with a pedal, operated by the right foot.
  • Two or more toms that the artiste plays with either brushes or sticks.
  • One or more cymbals always mounted on a stand and played with sticks.

History of drum sets and drum kits:

Before the development of drum kits, cymbals and drums were played separately by diverse percussionists. In the 1840s, percussionists started experimenting with foot pedals to play more instruments, but the devices could not be mass-produced.

By the 1860s, percussionists began combining diverse drums into a set using handheld drumsticks. Drummers in stage shows and musical theaters contributed to the creation of the drum set.

They did this by establishing techniques that would assist them to include the roles of several percussionists. Over the years, drums have changed in size and have become more classic to include electronic drums.

How to Purchase a Drum kit:

If you love drums, consider going for a six-piece, five-piece, or a large set. If you love playing fusion, metal styles, contemporary and heavy rock, you should consider going for a large drum set as they contain more toms that bring a wide tonal range.

Drum kits tend to be the backbone of any band and help keep the pace and drive the rhythm. As a result, having a good quality kit will ensure that you produce excellent music.

When purchasing a drum kit, you must pay attention to four things, these are:

1. Number of pieces:
When purchasing a drum kit, look for a setup that works for your music. Always start with a simple if you are a beginner. A simple four-piece or five-piece set will work for you, and once you become a professional, you can go for even 30-piece kits.

2. Shell Packs and complete trap set:
When you decide to buy a drum set, research whether you will receive a complete kit or shell packs. A full setup will contain cymbals, hardware, and drums. However, a shell pack will have just drums and will be missing hardware and cymbals.

3. Shell sizes:
Most advanced players consider the dimensions of drums when purchasing the trap set.
However, newbies should concentrate on two factors:
#Rock/Standard sized kits-They have larger shells and are suited for people who prefer to play rock and roll.
#Jazz/Fusion sized kits-They are smaller in size and suited for individuals that play lighter styles.

The standard kits have more volume and lower fundamental pitches when compared to Jazz/Fusion kits.

4. Double and Single bass drum:
Double bass drums are not recommended for beginners as they are learning to use one foot. Therefore, using both feet may not sound realistic.

If you want to play a double bass rhythm, it would be better to use a double bass drum pedal that will help you to play one bass drum using two feet.

Differences of Drum Set and Drum Kit

Differences of Drum Set and Drum Kit:

Although these two words are interchangeable, they can also mean two different things. The drum set may refer to the arrangement of different kinds of drums on the same stage.

These drums may have different origins, but they should all be played in harmony to entertain the audience in front of them.

Therefore, the basis of a drum set is an entire stage with different drummers. A presentation of playing music from all over the world.

May include several like the Djembe drum from Africa, the Japanese Taiko drums from Asia, the Congas from South America, and Kettledrum from Europe.

When you arrange all these drums in different regions within the stage, they form a drum set. For the projection of sound, you may connect these drums onto microphones. Each drum should have a different microphone to allow it to produce its unique sound.

Apart from the drums, the set may also include other percussion instruments that you may play in accompaniment with the drums. You may require sound engineers for the perfect arrangement of a drum set. That is if it has different drums and other percussion on stage.

The drum set does not necessarily mean the modern classic drum kit. It may also refer to different kinds of drums that have a similar name or origin.

For example, the Nigerian Dundun drums from the Yoruba community comprise six drums that the drummer plays in a single setting. Or from the Kenyan Coast, where there is the Bumbumbu set of three drums. The Congas are also a set of three drums.

It is vital to factor in everything about drum kits and drum sets before purchasing either one. Consider asking for assistance from professional drummers if you are undecided.

Additionally, you can consult sound engineers and other professionals in the field, whose role is to guide you on how to arrange them.

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