Drum Set Junior Kid’s with Cymbal Stool Sticks

The Perfect Complete Junior Drum Set for Your Budding Musician.Kids’ “Everything Included” Drum Set Will Have Your Child Playing in Minutes.

Gammon Percussion’s complete junior drum set has everything your child needs to start making music within minutes after the kit arrives at your door. The three-piece set (bass drum, snare, and tom plus one cymbal) assembles quickly and even includes a pair of drumsticks.

Designed specifically for the beginning player (Gammon recommends it for musicians age 3 to 8), this kit will ignite your future virtuoso’s creative spark and set her or him on the road to future success in music. And of course, children who learn music as they grow up also succeed in life.

The special all-in-one design of the set makes for quick and easy setup and also keeps your child safe. There is no possibility of a youngster tripping on a cymbal stand or having the stand dangerously topple over during a particularly energetic outburst. The snare, tom, and cymbal all mount directly and securely on top of the bass drum.

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Key Features:

  • Everything is included—Bass drum, drum pedal, snare, tom, cymbal, stool, even sticks.
  • Sleek, glossy black finish will stand the test of time and always look great.
  • The bass drum is sized ideally for the child player at 16"
  • Snare, tom and cymbal all mount on top of the bass drum for easy setup and child safety.
  • Quality workmanship ensures the drums and cymbal have an authentic, “big kid” tone.

The Gammon Percussion name is a symbol of quality. The wood drum frames, with their sleek, glossy black finish, will hold up through years of rambunctious playing without losing their beauty or their pleasing tone. The company stands behind its product with a full warranty. And if a mounting bracket should ever mysteriously disappear (check the sofa cushions!) or your rising star is ready to take the next musical step, you will have access to Gammon’s complete selection of replacement parts and a variety of add-on features.

Finding quality, affordable musical instruments for the young player has always been a challenge. The matter is all the more complicated with percussion instruments because of the variety of electronic options available nowadays. Many see digital drums as the cheap, more portable alternative to a traditional drum set.

That may be true for an adolescent or adult player—and without question, electronic drums have come a very long way. But there is still no substitute, in price or in educational value, for a children’s acoustic drum set. The Gammon junior drum set costs less than half the price of the most affordable electronic set, is easier by far to set up, and gives children the irreplaceable tactile experience of playing on real drum skins and a genuine copper-based cymbal. Even if your youngster ultimately chooses to “go electronic,” she or he will always remember this first “real” drum set with love.

The pros far outnumber the cons with this Gammon product, but there are a couple of drawbacks worth mentioning. First, the kit is not very flexible or adaptable. Although there are some add-ons available to expand the set and give an aspiring player new challenges, this is still a kit that a child will outgrow within a few years.

There also isn’t much flexibility for adjusting the height of the drums or cymbal, which means a smaller child may have to reach more than is desirable.

Still, minor issues are far outweighed by the numerous advantages of the simple, all-in-one setup of the kit. As noted above, those advantages include safety for your child. The stability of the set also makes possible the use of high-quality materials, so even the youngest player gets the feel of authentic, great-sounding drum skins and a resonant cymbal.

And don’t underestimate the value of that pair of included drumsticks. Imagine setting up the kit for the first time as your child bounces off the walls with excitement, then realizing you forgot to buy sticks! Finally, the ease of setup means that within a few days or weeks (depending on age), a kid will be able to set up the drums all by herself or himself, and thus have the experience of being a “real musician.” They’ll be beaming with pride.

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  1. Interesting, in-depth review. I will be recommending this model.

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