How To Make Wooden Drumsticks? Completed in less than 30 minutes

Introduction: With the advent of electronic drum sets, so many young adults are now looking for ways to make wooden drumsticks at home. In order not to get wrong information, we have put together the process of making wooden drumsticks at home. The process is actually easy and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Check Out How Drumsticks Are Made.

What You Need To Make Wooden Drumsticks?

Basically, you need the following items to make wooden drumsticks:

  • 1 Dowel Rod of ½ in thickness.
  • A coping saw. If you have a circle saw, you can still use it. But ensure you use goggles when cutting.
  • Sandpaper.
  • A clamp or a vice.
  • A rag to use with the vice or clamp
  • Wood
Wooden Drumstricks

Step-by-Step Guide To Make Wooden Drumsticks

Step 1

Carefully mark the wood and cut the wood with caution. Take your time to cut the wood so that you will get a great shape. Remember to cut two shapes, since drumsticks come in pairs.

Step 2

After cutting, use the sandpaper to sand the ends of the wood. Sand it to make it curve a bit, especially the part that you will hold while drumming. Do these to both sticks.

Step 3

Claim the two sticks and start sawing from an angle using the coping saw. The sawing will give it the required shape. Do this for the two sticks.

Step 4

Sand it to make it smooth. Then get some varnish to rub on the stick to protect the wood from natural forces.


As you can see, the process of making wooden drumsticks is not as difficult as most drummers believe. So, go out there, gather those materials needed, and start making your own drumsticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood is used for drumsticks?

Today's drumsticks are made with woods such as hickory, maple, ash, birch, oak, lancewood, rosewood, and ebony. If you buy any drumsticks made from any of these woods, you're sure of getting the best.

What drumsticks do professionals use?

Professional drummers use drumsticks that are rugged, sturdy, tough. To buy the best drumsticks, you can follow our editor's recommendation. Below are some drumsticks for your consideration:

Vic Firth Nova 5A

Vater Manhattan 7A

Vic Firth American Classic 5A

How long is a drum stick?

A typical drum stick is between 15 and 17.5 inches long. While some drummers prefer to use long drumsticks, other professional players prefer to use short drumsticks. Choosing the best drumstick length depends on the size of your hands and how comfortable you are using the drumsticks.

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