Kids Electronic Drum Set

Drum sets are a popular musical instrument among children, perhaps because of the sounds that it makes. Of course, many children are also attracted to the way the instruments are played.

It is no wonder that many kids ask their parents for a drum set at an early age. Parents looking to buy this now have an alternative to traditional acoustic drums. A kid’s electronic drum set may work just as well. you can see interest in buying the drum set for kids. & Beginner drum set reviews.

Children Electronic Drum Sets Comparison:

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Alesis DM Lite Kit

Why Go Electronic Drum set?

Many parents do not realize that there can be a big difference between acoustic drum sets and electronic ones see here. Both have their ups and downs, here are some reasons why it pays to use an electronic one.

  • Space – It’s no secret that drum sets are big. Even small-sized ones made for children can take up a considerable amount of space in any home or room. When space is a luxury, an electronic drum kit can come in handy. Although many of these have a stand-up feature, they are more compact and can easily fit into a corner without eating up much space. These are also less attention-grabbing and will blend in much more easily with furniture.
  • Loudness– another ordeal that many families and even neighbors face when drums are a child’s instrument of preference is noise levels. It can be difficult to tone downplaying on an acoustic set. On the other hand, electronic drums come with a volume adjustment button that helps regulate sound levels. Even better, may allow for the use of earphones or headsets which make it possible to play the drums without any loud sounds in the home.
  • Flexibility-Being an electronic gadget, drums of this variety can do more than acoustic drums in producing sound. Many electric drums can produce a wide variety of sounds that can be incorporated into the system. This allows children to explore various sounds and tones as they play.
  • Self-Learning-Music lessons may not be necessary when using this type of drum. Many of today’s modern electric drums come with modules that help children learn how to play on their own. Some drums also come with a built-in tutorial or teaching mode that can be used for practice.

Skipping a Kids Electronic Drum Set

Just as with other instruments and things, there are also some downsides to using an electronic drum kit.

Some of the most common reasons that parents opt not to go with this type of system are:

  • Price– Perhaps the biggest consideration between acoustic and electronic drums is the price difference. Electronic drums are hands down more expensive than their acoustic counterparts.

These begin at around three to five hundred dollars for entry-level models. On the flip side, acoustic sets start at about a hundred dollars for three-piece kits and two hundred dollars for five pieces ones.

Unless parents are willing to shell out a relatively large amount, then an electronic set may not be cost-effective. Also, if a child is not seriously into drumming, this may be too large of an investment.

  • Power– Obviously this type of drum set will need electricity to function. Not having a power source will mean not being able to use the drums.

Also, it will consume power each time it is used. If the set is used on a regular basis, then this can eventually make an impact on electric bills.

  • Maintenance– Like all other electronic devices, the need for maintenance or replacement of parts may take place if a part of the drum set gets broken.

Although acoustic sets may also need regular maintenance, the parts for an electric drum may cost more. In cases where the part needed is not readily available, it may need to be ordered and shipped adding to the expenses.

  • Need for Amplification– While family members and neighbors may appreciate the fact that the sound of this drum can be toned down it may be a problem during performances.

More often than not, there is a need to use an amplifier to make the sound loud enough for the entire audience to hear. you may check how to choose an electronic drum set.

Kids electronic drum set reviews

A five-piece electronic drum set this kit comes complete with cymbals and a four-post collapsible rack. This means that the set can be conveniently be packed away into a smaller unit when not being used.

The whole unit easily fits into a single box which also makes it easy to carry around.

Despite this, children get good sounds. The unit is made with a built-in drum coach to help with learning and practice. 30 songs with different play patterns are available.

A USB connection is also available while Illuminated drum and cymbal pads make playing fun. More details on Alesis website.

Module Overview Video

Another compact kit, this electronic drum comes from a reliable manufacturer in the music industry. Roland provides a Super Natural enhanced sound engine that is coupled with Behavior Modeling to provide a natural playing experience.

A Coach function also helps teach children while they play. Built-in backing songs can also be used for practice and playing along with. A wide selection of musical genres for practice and playing adds to the learning experience.

An LCD icon interface also makes the system easy to use and operate. Check out Roland electronic drum set reviews.

Roland TD-11KV Overview video

This kid’s electronic drum set goes beyond the usual starter kit and offers an eight-piece set complete with a professional-grade kick pedal with trigger pad, dual-zone snare, cymbals, and hi-hat control pedal.

It provides 15 different drum sets to choose from. Ten are factory preset, and the remaining five are programmable according to the user’s choice.

There is also 123 studio-grade drum, cymbal, and other percussion sounds to pick from. A high-definition sampling technology helps produce an authentic drumming experience. See more details on Behringer.

XD80USB High-Performance video:


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