Mendini 5-Piece Black Junior Drum Set with Cymbals

The world-famous instrument company Cecilio was founded with the desire to provide high-quality instruments at affordable prices. The founders said they were inspired by a family in a music store who were concerned about affording a clarinet for their daughter.

They realised that families deserve the opportunity to allow their children to pursue their creative callings. Cecilio was born, and today that very same company is still offering an amazing value on starter instruments to budding musicians across the world.

The Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-5 model is a complete drum kit for beginning drummers. These sets are increasing in popularity due to word of mouth and their steadily positive consumer feedback on sites such as Cecilio offers an economical option with an expensive sound. This set is excellent for youth because of its small design and high level of durability.

The drum set comes with the following:

  • 16” X 11” bass drum (includes 4 lugs)
  • 10" x 6" snare (includes 4 lugs)
  • Stand for 10” X 6” snare
  • 8" Hi-hat cymbals
  • Stand for 8” Hi-hat cymbals
  • Bass drum pedal
  • Crash cymbal with a bass drum mounted stand
  • 8" x 6" tom (includes 4 lugs)
  • 10" x 5" tom (includes 4 lugs)
  • 12" x 10" floor tom (includes 4 lugs and legs)
  • Adjustable round cushioned height modifiable drum seat
  • drum key for tuning
  • 2 wooden drumsticks
  • Easy to read assembly manual/directions

The Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-5 model is a great choice for young rock stars for a few different reasons. First of all, this kit is cheaper than many of the competitors’ sets.

Mendini MDS80-SR Complete Full Size Senior 5-Piece

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The following are features of this product:

  • Quality

Often, a cheaper set means a lower quality product, but Cecilio has designed these drum sets to last and last, utilizing Mylar heads and sturdy poplar shells to produce a warm tone. The kit is single braced, which offers users maximum durability without making the drum set extremely heavy. A lightweight design makes the set easy to move, and the assembly is a breeze. The overall construction of this drum set can stand the test of time against the included real wood drum sticks. Let your drummer go to town!

  • Appearance

Children will be delighted by the five-piece set’s classic drum sound and finished appearance. The set is adorned with beautiful brass details, including the two genuine brass cymbals. Purchasers have several different color options. The set is offered in black, blue, green, silver, wine red, and bright red colors.

  • Functionality

The Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-5 model is fully functional, right down to the bass drum chaindriven pedal. Also included are a hi-hat with chain driven pedal and ride/crash cymbal. Owners remark about how strong the set is, crediting the metal bass drum, triple flanged hoops, and rounded bearing edges for not only the cool look but also the sturdy nature of the instrument.

The product does not come assembled, but the simple assembly manual is helpful for ensuring proper set up of the set. Putting this kit together is simple, and you will only have about twenty minutes of piecing together your new drums before you can officially rock out.


  • The Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-5 model offers learning drummers the chance to create professional sound without the professional price.
  • The stand for the hi-hat cymbal and the snare drum are adjustable to different heights based on individual needs.
  • The seat is also adjustable based on the height of the drummer, which means that this drum set can grow with your child through the years.
  • This kit is cheaper than many of the competitors’ sets.
  • Cecilio sells these sets with a complimentary one year warranty against the manufacturers’ defects, offering, even more, piece of mind and quality to their customer.


  • The set is small, so be sure to consider the measurements of the kit’s instruments before purchasing this product.
  • The set does not come with extra parts, and it seems to be up in the air as to whether or not the company can be contacted to order replacements.
  • The sound of the cymbals is slightly tinny and their movements are somewhat hindered.

Why buy from Amazon? offers consumers the chance to make an educated and informed purchase with protection against product fraud or dissatisfaction. The company is excellent for purchasing the Mendini by Cecilio due to their offer of free shipping, free tracking, and the ability to see customer reviews and opinions. Amazon also offers a warranty and buyer protection.

In conclusion, the above review of the Mendini by Cecilio should be helpful in your decision-making process.

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