The Mendini MJDS-5-BR Complete drum set

A Great Product From A Great Company! The Mendini MJDS-5-BR Complete drum set

The Mendini MJDF-5-BR is an all-inclusive drum kit that includes cymbals, drum sticks, and an adjustable throne as well as great drums. It is perfect for those just learning and those who are intermediate to expert. The best part about this item is that, while it has a professional look, it does not have a professional price! While is not exactly cheap, it is fair for those looking to buy a good set that can take some wear and tear and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

This great drum set also comes in 6 colors, all very tasteful and you are definitely sure to find a color that will work for yourself or a loved one that you are buying it for as a gift. This set also comes straight from the manufacturer through, which helps more of us to have access to items like this that are made and shipped by trusted companies that have great guarantees.

Mendini MJDS-5-BR Complete drum set

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The Mendini MJDF-5-BR set is durable and wears well enough that it can be given to a young drummer that is sure to enjoy the 10 inch crash cymbals, 8 inch hi-hat cymbals as well as the 16 inch by 11 inch bass drum, 12 inch by 10 inch tom, 10 inch by 5 inch tom, 8 inch by 6 inch tom and 10 inch by 6 inch snare for many performances to come!

This set also includes a mounted stand for the crash cymbal and bass drum, an adjustable and comfortable drum throne as well as the tools that you need to tune your new set. As soon as you have assembled the set using the easy to follow assembly guide, you are able to tune the set with the included tuning tools and grab the included drumsticks and start playing.

Even though this drum set includes so much and is so durable, it isn't the perfect set for everyone. Those who may have trouble fitting this entire assembly in their travel plans because of the size, the price, while not extravagant, is not the cheapest price out there and may not be a good idea if you are not sure about the drummer's propensity to keep drumming, this may not be a good product for you. Also, for those who are simply looking for a few parts of this set or is looking for a more high-end product that would be more tailored to the user, this is not a good product for you.

If you are looking for a drum set for a child who you are not sure if they will enjoy learning the drums and cymbals or that they may not take to it very well, Mendini does sell Junior drum sets that, while not as inclusive and large as this set, is a great beginning point for kids that is a little cheaper as well. You can still get different colored sets this way, though, for teens and adults, the Mendini MJDF-5-BR is probably your best bet.

Instead, if you are looking to upgrade beginners set, replace a beginner or intermediate set or want an extra set as an expert or professional, this product is definitely a good option to look into. While the price can be a little debilitating to some, this product is a perfect way to get a good product that is all inclusive for a reasonable price that is also durable and will last for a long time. The 1-year manufacturer warranty is definitely a big plus as well! While the warranty is a limited warranty that only covers any manufacturing mistakes, it still makes for a more trustworthy product and company.

The Mendini MJDS-5-BR Complete drum set is a great buy for so many individuals who are wishing for that perfect fit of the drum set. It provides durability, fashionable looks, includes almost everything you would need to get started, is a reasonable price and is sold not just through a retailer that you trust, but is made by a major manufacturer of musical instrument and products that stand behind their products with a warranty and a good name. Many a young and old drummer will enjoy this set, making it worth every penny their loved ones or they themselves paid for this great product.

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