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Cheap Electronic Drum Set is looking for enthusiastic writers to write well-written and amazing content for our site. You can grow your online audience by writing for us. Your content will reach thousands of our followers on our blogs and on social media.

To become a guest blogger with Cheap Electronic Drum Set, you must be confident about your goals. You must have a high level of organization so that you can provide us with content when required to do so. Moreover, you should produce high-quality content. Most importantly, you must be familiar with the topics you choose to write. You will write for us posts that cover the following areas if you get the opportunity.

  • Techniques on playing the drum set
  • Drum set reviews
  • Drum set tips and tricks
  • Different styles of playing the drum set
  • Drum set facts
  • Tips for learning and mastering drums.

Rules on Posting as a Guest

Before you post for us, there are few rules that you should know. These rules ensure that your post does not violate our terms and conditions. They should also fall in line with the standards our followers expect from us.

  • Your post must be spam free. You have the freedom to advertise something you have created or something that you are currently working on, but it should do not overdo it. In other words, you can sell it, but do not focus on selling it at the expense of creating quality content. Before submitting your post, you should contact us so that we can both come up with something that will benefit both parties.
  • Write posts with impeccable grammar and make sure that the post surpasses the minimum word count. Ensure that the posts require minimal or no editing at all to save us both the time we shall spend on editing it.
  • We will inform you when your post is about to go live. We will share it on our social sites and we encourage you to do the same so that your effort pays off greatly.
  • Respond to comments on your post once they start streaming in so that you can create a rapport with your readers. Ensure you check in from time to time and go through the comments and at least thank the readers for responding.
  • Before you start writing for us, ensure you have an up-to-date website or blog with fresh content. This helps our readers see that the content is coming from a highly authoritative site.
  • In case you have videos related to the topic you have written about, feel free to share with us. However, in case you do not have one, you can still submit and we can source one from YouTube.
  • We recommend using photos with sizes of 570 x 299 or 420 x 470, but if you do not have any, then we can source for one online.
  • As a contributor to our site, you can include one or two sentences for your bio with a maximum of two links to your preferred sites.
  • We highly discourage submissions from political, gambling, or porn sites.

So far, the guest posts that we have featured have received an overwhelming amount of responses on social media including shares and views. If you want to be a part of us, then feel free to Contact Us. Although we will get many requests, we will do our best to go through all of them and then give you feedback within the shortest time possible.

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Current rates: $50 USD per guest post

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