Yamaha Electronic Drum Set: A Closer Look for 2023

Yamaha has become a household name when it comes to the area of instruments, electronics, sporting goods and more. Aside from the classical instruments that the company produces, they have also ventured into more new items among this are electronic drum sets.

The company has put up the industry standards for digital percussion with their Yamaha electronic drum set DTX series. Each set in the series is targeted towards a specific use. Here is a closer look at what they have to offer.


Top-Rated Yamaha Electronic Drum Set:

  1. DTX400K for Casual Play

Ideal for starters and those who simply play the drums for leisure this set showcases dynamic percussion and acoustic sounds. Aside from this, users also get modern rock drums and electronic tones.

The compact, yet full-size kit includes a steel rack system. The kit can also be upgraded to a more advanced system with a real pedal action, 3 zone snare and extra crash for a better playing experience.

Those starting out will appreciate the DTX400K interactive training system that features a “Voice Guidance” system. This gives the feel of having your personal drum teacher with you.

Practice music scores make it easy to master techniques while aux input helps develop acoustic playing. This is a good start, not too expensive but with lots to offer. Similar kits in the lineup for casual drummers include the DTX430K and the DTX450K. See Details PDF.


  1. DTX522K to Train With

More serious drummers looking to improve their skills and playing technique can turn to this Yamaha electronic drum set from the DTX502K series.

It can be used performances, recording, and practice. The set gives a realistic response and comes with DTX Pad snare with tom pads, cymbal pads, 3 zone hi-hat, and DTX502K features. The set produces ultra-realistic sounds with the features it has.

Practice features and scoring features help to improve skills in a fun way. DTX502K module which comes with the set allows for a powerful trigger drum module for playing ease.

Players also get a more natural feeling while playing thanks to the advanced technology used on the set. Aside from playing and practicing, drummers can also explore the other side of music with hybrids. The DTX522K allows expansion with the use of additional pads and or triggers.

The kit can be built upon as skills improve or as new techniques are learned. A USB port allows the system to be connected to a computer and for files to be imported. This costs a lot more than the entry line DTX400 series but is a good investment for intermediate drummers.


  1. DTX700 Series for Advanced Playing

Moving up the line the DTX700 is a higher end electronic drum kit from Yamaha. This is the entry level set for the series line up. Despite this, the set includes a DTX700 drum trigger module, DTP700P pad set, and RS500 are the MBled rack.

With the set, drummers can produce 1,268 different drums and percussion sounds along with 128 instrument voices. This repertoire is expandable since new sounds can be loaded on to the 64 MB Flash-ROM.

Real drum playing techniques are developed as the DTX-Pads are used. Practice can be done with the onboard songs, whose drum sounds can be muted so drummers can play the part.

The recording is also possible so playback can be done for better study. Using this drum set will take advanced drum players from the study table all the way to performances and recordings. Check Overview here.

The DTX700 kit is no small investment, but it certainly packs in features that many drummers look for in an electronic drum set. The series also comes with higher versions in the DTX700K and DTX750K kits.


  1. DTX900 Yamaha Electronic Drums for Professionals

This series puts together the expertise of Yamaha altogether. The kit uses top of the line technology for digital sound, electric drum pad development, acoustic and drum hardware manufacturing.

With new kick pads and professional cymbal pads, along with other innovations, drummers get the feel and playability of actual acoustic drums. The set also includes the DTX900MM Tone Generator which delivers realistic sounds.

This also allows drummers to import and try out new sounds. The kit also provides Groove Tools which provide special functions that come only with electronic drums.

Priced at a few thousand dollars, this kit is best for professional players. The DTX950K is next in the product lineup for this series. Check here DTX900 overviews.

Other Perks

Aside from coming up with an excellent line of electronic percussion and drum sets, Yamaha goes out of the way to make the experience even better.

All the lower level kits such as the DTX400 and DTX502 come with a line of applications that can be used alongside the drum kits.

These applications range from drum lessons to song beats and even a music manager. However, these are available only for iPhones and other Apple devices only.

Yamaha Electronic Drum Set undoubtedly remains to be one of the leaders when it comes to musical instruments and technology as they have proved with their electric drum line.

It caters to the needs of drummers of all levels as shown by the different types of sets available. No matter what people are looking for, there is something that they can use.

Beginners ( Review beginner electronic drum set )will not be intimidated with the seemingly simple setup and easy to use guides and modules for learning.

Intermediate players can explore and expand their skills and knowledge with the innovations provided. Skill and technique development also go beyond the Yamaha Electronic Drum Set with the applications provided.

Even professionals will find something in store for them with the challenges and expansions that the professional series provides. Price for the sets is also reasonably set given the equipment that is provided.

In short, buyers get a good buck for their money with Yamaha Electronic Drum Set.

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